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This nai Yu Ye Han also wants to understand a little bit appropriately. This time, it is not that Lengling is unwilling to help, but they don’t have the ability to do so.

Although Leng Lingxiu is profound, she can take others to leap over the foggy forest, but after all, she is pregnant and has to give up the idea for the sake of the fetus in her womb.
It is even more impossible for Yu Yanxin to be able to travel so far before these injuries have healed. This is already commendable. Wouldn’t it be difficult for her if she were asked to help again?
If you understand this, Ye Han will calm down your mood properly, but in your heart, you can’t help but smile and say, "I want to come to this oasis to meet Xin ‘er, right?"
"It’s not here. You forgot that we met by the lake outside Xingyuan City. Besides, even an oasis is not here. Is it there?"
After listening to Ye Han’s words, Yan Xin suddenly felt a sense of shame, and a hongxia appeared on her face. She corrected the mistakes in Ye Han’s words and pointed to the oasis in front and said
Looking down Yan Xin’s fingers, the front is a glimpse of the grassland. Think about it and then you will finish this glimpse of the plains. Ye Han is suddenly a wry smile.
When I felt that I had enough rest to hurry, it was time for Ye Han to converge. Naise looked around and asked with a smile, "Do you know how long we have been trapped in the foggy forest?"
"Ha ha cold son, we are not the man of god, how can you know this? But looking at the situation, we have been trapped in the foggy forest for three or four days! "
Looking at this relative who is more than his own father, Ye Han’s face can’t help but show a melancholy color before him. Think how good it would be if things hadn’t changed suddenly!
It is this foundation that Ye Han may not be able to get rid of this 16-year fate. All this can be shaped in two words, that is’ fate’!
Life should be so blameless for others, but Ye Han’s heart faintly reveals a shocking idea. Since life should be so, no one would think of going against the fate and changing his life.
While recalling Ye Han’s timely awareness of the passage of time, I knew that I was going to set off again. The other person quietly slowed down and smiled at the cold Lingyanxin who was looking at me, and then got up and continued to walk forward.
The 16th village in the scorching sun
Watched Ye Han away LengLing two people also glance at one another and then nai shook his head at the same time with a sigh.
The former Ye Han showed it and got the melancholy color. At the same time, they all knew that Ye Han must still have some difficult knot hidden in his heart.
Or because of these things, the two women and Ye Han have never said anything. A line of three people walked slowly along the end of the oasis to the back and gradually disappeared at the end of the oasis.
"I didn’t expect this village to be the same. It’s been almost half a year, and no one dares to come back here to live!" Looking at the abandoned small village ahead, Ye Han couldn’t help but sigh with emotion.
Listen to Ye Han’s sigh with emotion. Cold Ling and Yan Xin are also deeply touched at the right time. Think about a village that used to be so peaceful here, but now it has become like this!
"Cold brother, will you look down on our Yan family because of this matter?" Thought of here inflammation hin can’t help but see Ye Han a few eye immediately a face of bitterness and said
Ye Han, who heard Yan Xin’s words, also remembered what he had heard before. Yu Yan’s family was angry and slaughtered the whole village, and finally didn’t even leave a body.
Think about it. Most of that happened because of the Yan family. Even if someone in someone else’s village made a mistake, it shouldn’t be blamed on the whole village!
In other words, this village is obviously a koo, and the Yan family actually slaughtered the whole village out of a moment of anger. Isn’t it too cruel to say that the Yan family is too cruel?
Ye Han is also a white man. Although this is the Yan family’s pedestrian and Yan Xin is also a member of the Yan family, after all, this Yan Xin is not such a cruel person. If you insist on comparing her with those people, there is a suspicion that it is quite different from the original actions of the Yan family. After all, it is all a boat trip with one pole.
Want to white these Ye Han busy smiled at a face of bitter inflammation hin "hin son you can rest assured that I Ye Han heart maybe inflammation’s family is a cruel family but you are not!"
"Ha ha, I knew brother Han would say that, but if possible, I still hope you can forget about it!" After listening to Ye Han words, Yan Xin nodded at the right time and said
After Yan Xin said so, Ye Han soon became white. It is an indisputable fact that Yan Xin considers not only herself but also the whole Yan family.