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Hearing this, Pang Xia’s eyes suddenly lit up and everyone became excited.

She looked at Pang Xia and said directly, "What do you want to save my master?"
Pang Xia just wanted to talk to Zhu Yuyan, but suddenly he shouted, "Don’t promise him that men are not good things."
What’s worse, master, I’ve lived enough, but I don’t need to live any more. I’ll die if I die. "
Listening to Zhu Yuyan’s words made me cry for the first time.
She looked at Zhu Yuyan and said softly, "Master, you have always been like my mother.
If you let me watch my mother die, I will never be happy in my life. "
Listening to the words, Zhu Yuyan suddenly revealed a smile.
She looked at her trembling palm and stroked her cheek gently.
And then said softly, "Master Er naturally knows your feelings for me.
But the master is old and will leave sooner or later. You shouldn’t be too young.
You want to inherit and carry forward the Yin Kwai School. You must be strong.
Otherwise, the master will not be satisfied even in Jiuquan. "
Pang Xia looks like he’s playing a bitter drama, just like Zhu Yuyan.
There are ten thousand alpacas baaing in my heart.
The corners of the mouth twitched slightly. Pang Xia looked and looked at Zhu Yuyan’s mouth again.
"what? I bought a restaurant in the dark, and now I’m short of a person who can town.
So I think if you can promise to be the shopkeeper in my restaurant after you recover.
Then I will try my best to save you, and there is at least a 50-50 chance that you will recover.
Of course, there may not be much martial arts left, more than you need to practice again.
But one life was saved, wasn’t it? So what do you think of this proposal? "
Stay in wait for a while and watch Pang Xia run in his heart. Alpacas are much more than those before Pang Xia.
Yu Zhu Yuyan has a look that you, he, meow, want to lie to me, and you are too young.
Pangxia rubbed his nose, scratched his head and continued, "what I said is true."
It would be nice if you didn’t fulfill your requirements after I saved the empress dowager.
Anyway, you have nothing to lose, don’t you? What’s more, don’t you still have a chance to get revenge alive? "
The last sentence Pang Xia obviously said to Zhu Yuyan.
Obviously Zhu Yuyan also heard PangXia this sentence.
To cast out after 【 crash and burn 】 Zhu Yuyan see still can’t kill Shi Xuan heart has some despair.
But what Pang Xia said just now obviously gave Zhu Yuyan a very good hope of living.
No matter how you live, you will have a chance to get revenge after you live.
For PangXia this sentence Zhu Yuyan is already some enchanted.
Until PangXia pick up this sentence Zhu Yuyan is completely tempted.
"And in the future I will and Shi Xuan again.
In that case, maybe I can help you get revenge. "
This sentence finally made Zhu Yuyan really moved.
Zhu Yuyan, the queen of the magic door, is obviously proud
But revenge and hatred are more important than being able to make her give up her life.
It’s not unacceptable to be a shopkeeper in a restaurant.
However, the dignity of the underworld is to let Zhu Yuyan promise at the moment
Pang Xia obviously saw this, so he immediately said, "There are others in my restaurant."
Yu Wenhua, the former emperor of the Wei Dynasty, became a junior in my restaurant at this time.
In the future, I will also find some people who want to quit the Jianghu to join my restaurant.
Don’t worry that there will be some laity in the restaurant that will make you look at it. "
I have to say that the idea of building my five-star restaurant into a martial arts expert is that every worker is a martial arts expert.
It really fascinates Pang Xia. At least at this point, Pang Xia is very able to make money.
Pang Xia doesn’t care about things like lowering his posture.
To put it bluntly, Pang Xia, like the sea, is a person who can give up many unimportant things with a goal.
For Pang Xia, things like moral integrity and shame are the most boring and can be given up.
If you put a low profile, you can make Zhu Yuyan promise to be the shopkeeper of a five-star restaurant.
Then in the future, we should let out a little talk that Zhu Yuyan is a shopkeeper in a five-star restaurant
Think about it. At that time, Pang Xia felt that he would wake up laughing in his dreams.
After a tangle, Zhu Yuyan finally agreed to Pang Xia.
See this PangXia hey hey smile immediately let with Zhu Yuyan to find a quiet place to heal with him.
But at this time, the four donkey kong suddenly came forward.
Four of them, donkey kong, looked at Pang Xia in a low voice and shouted, "Fat shrimp, do you want to protect the empress Yin?"
With a slight eyebrow, Pang Xia looked at it and said, "Bald, don’t talk nonsense with me or I’ll kill you."
A slight delay followed by no anger turned latosolic red.
He stared at Pang Xia intensely and shouted, "Fat shrimp! You are deceiving others too much. Today I must share a high score with you! "
Turn over a supercilious look PangXia extremely contempt at not Chen said, "points a high? Bald, you are so embarrassed.
Everyone in the Jianghu doesn’t know that I, Fat Shrimp, can beat you four and donkey kong four with ease.
You said you’d get a high score with me. It’s really kind of you to stick gold on your face. "
Pangxia voice fell not Chen nearly a mouthful of old blood gushed out.
It’s so irritating and bullying. Why do you still talk like that?
Shouldn’t Jianghu people flatter each other when they talk about their enemies and friends, and then pay high prices?
It’s a shame that you don’t play cards according to the routine!
Chapter 119 Stay Meng Yuan Evil Emperor
As the name suggests, the word "people" is very inappropriate in donkey kong.
Not angry with the monk’s name, but he is the most angry among the four donkey kong.
When Pang Xia mocked him to the maximum, he did it after all!