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The demon’s trembling words fell into Lin Tianxiao’s ears. Lin Tianxiao finally recovered from the shock and looked up at the demon. When he saw the whole body shaking, his heart suddenly burst into a dark tunnel. It won’t be a magician’s weapon!

As if Wang confirmed Lin Tian-xie’s idea, he generally listened to the demon and said, "Zhen Tian hahaha’s old dream equipment is finally going to have an artifact artifact!"
My heart seems to be frustrated!
This is Lin Tianxiao, who is in a good mood at this time. It is not easy to see that an artifact that is about to be released is not his own weapon, which makes him feel embarrassed.
"The demon are you sure you made it? It won’t be a fairy equipment? "
The goblin gasped. He Cong wouldn’t have been l if he didn’t recognize the meaning in Lin Tianxiao’s words.
"Hey, hey, it’s 100% the magician who equips his famous town!"
"Well, you’re right, but no one can guarantee that it’s self-help until something appears!" Lin Tianxiao said with a wry smile but strong confidence.
"Hey, hey, okay, let’s get rid of your thoughts and let’s take a look at how to activate this magic weapon!"
The goblin picked up the paper that had been fitted together and immediately a white light flashed across the drawing surface and a line of fine print appeared.
Goblins and Lin Tianxie came at once. Look carefully!
The peerless magic town. Oh, my God!
It is said that once the French god had a magic weapon, but he was killed during the war between the magic dragon hierarch. The magic weapon was collected by the magic dragon hierarch and sealed to form a drawing.
When I saw this place, the goblin glanced at Lin Tianxie’s face. Lin Tianxie also shook his head and sighed. Keep looking.
It is said that the seal of the magic weapon "Zhentian" can be solved after the pieces of drawings are put together, but it needs many conditions.
I don’t know when the genius of the town can reproduce the brilliant dharma god, but when he can reproduce the sun and the sky, only one of the three gods can escape and find him to solve the secret of the drawing.
After reading the explanation, Lin Tianxie and the goblin both showed surprise. The two dead of the three great gods was in the hands of the magic dragon leader, and one of them escaped from the magic dragon leader, who did not expect the magic dragon leader to be so powerful.
But since the magic dragon hierarch can slay the three great gods, but it is so fragile to be beheaded by himself and others, is the strength of the magic dragon hierarch reduced?
Just as they were wondering, a figure flew over and fell beside them. When they looked up, it was the vice president of the Freedom Alliance.
"I didn’t think that I was still seeing the day when Zhentian was born. Maybe it was heaven who cared for me!"
"Don’t you know anything about Zhentian, President?" Lin Tian evil surprised and asked.
The vice president glanced at Lin Tianxiae and smiled. "I didn’t know that we used to be good friends, but it’s a pity that we lived alone in the world!"
Lin Tianxie and the goblin both showed doubts. The meaning of the vice president’s words is obvious, that is, he knows all the three gods and is very rich.
Chapter 33 Town Day was born ()
The vice president’s words filled Lin Tianxiae’s heart with shock. It is obvious that the vice president and the three people are very close, and the vice president who lives is likely to know each other.
"Do you know the president who is alive?"
"Well, I know you as well as you!"
"I know him, too?"
Lin Tianxiao showed a puzzled look, but he immediately reacted and blurted out, "You said it was my master?"
The vice president nodded. "Yes, the Buddha once said that God had the head of the three gods beyond the power of heaven and earth. If it wasn’t for the heavy injury caused by World War I with the Three Realms, how could a magic dragon leader make the three gods fall into the second place? This is also a heart disease of the Buddha for tens of thousands of years. It is for these reasons that the injury of the Buddha never recovered!"
"Then can you tell me that the lecturer respected his old man’s past?"
"Well, I’ll tell you roughly one!"
So the vice president talked about the past, which was dusty for tens of thousands of years. It turned out that the Buddha challenged the masters after joining the WTO, and finally won the title of Buddha. Hundreds of years later, the Buddha retired, and at that time, the law god appeared and took the road of Buddha to challenge the masters. The last challenge was the Buddha.
No one knows the final result of that great war, but since that great war, both the Buddha and the God of Law have disappeared.
It was another hundred years that a peerless genius came out. This man had a weapon like a stick and hit his opponent all over the world, but miraculously disappeared a year later.
Hundreds of years later, the three kingdoms invaded the great gods and invaded the boundaries of mankind. At that time, the mainland was not Fama, but Tianyun. After that great war, it changed its name to Fama.
This war lasted for dozens of days, and the participants were the God of War, the God of God. When there was an extinction disaster, the three men stepped forward. The God of War killed Pluto and exorcised the gods to seal several powerful gods. In the end, the God of War died, and the God of God completed his serious injury and lived in seclusion in the daytime, but secretly created a free alliance to resist human emergencies.
Knowing that it happened roughly after Lin Tianxie finally guessed that it should have happened after the story of the Buddha’s Jenny.
After three days, no player was able to find the entrance to magic dragon City, and there was no accident except for the dark food that had been restricted to personal freedom.
"Congratulations on the success of the chivalrous guarding city. All the people who participated in the guarding city increased by 1 level. It is hoped that the city level of magic dragon will increase by 5, and 100 million people can be registered!"
With the unified display marking the complete end of the battle in the magic dragon city, Liu Heng and others sent back hundreds of millions of people to rebuild the city.
There is no place for giant trees in magic dragon City, which is another huge siege. But this time, all the major maps of magic dragon monsters have been refreshed. Many people have broken their hands and feet to be considered as the completion of the reconstruction of magic dragon City, and finally the final work was completed in the vice president’s "turning the stone into gold"
"Brother Liu Heng will leave the rest to you. Brother Fairy and I will do something first!"
Lin Tianxie and the goblin took a piece of drawing and sent it to magic dragon City from Liu Hengze. However, it takes 1 gold coin to send it to magic dragon City, which makes Liu Heng and others earn hundreds of trillions.
Although the delivery is very high, many players have completely forgotten this expensive delivery price after several leveling trips, especially after someone killed the little boss and magic dragon Lux broke out a wristband drawing, which caused players to flood into magic dragon City.
At this time, Lin Tianxiao came to the Daylight Gate with the goblin and entered the Daylight Gate of the Buddha Hall. However, to Lin Tianxiao’s surprise, his big brother said something to him, which means that if he comes to find the Buddha himself and has several drawings, he can directly tell him to take the drawings and go directly to the uncanny workmanship.
Master Lin Tianxiao, a crafty blacksmith, has a superb casting strength. He is currently in Sabac, an ally province. This is Lin Tianxiao’s arrangement. Although Sabac changed hands several times, he is always here.
Sabac blacksmith shop Lin Tianxiae and the goblin were in front of the magic axe, while the magic axe was holding a piece of paper in their hands. They looked at it with horror for a long time before sighing, "I didn’t expect that you actually got the magic weapon manufacturing drawings. It’s not that simple to build this magic weapon!"
"Master, what do we need to do?" Lin tianxiae asked
"Bone jade staff, five pieces of purity, two pieces of black iron ore, six pieces of advanced magic necklaces and five pieces"