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After thinking about it for a while, Feng slightly mobilized a spray device for the poisonous trap. This is what I learned in "Strengthening Trap Theory", which can delay the start-up speed of the poisonous trap, or the tyrant bear will come over and directly trigger the trap, where will he eat nectar?

"The trap transformation was successful"
I didn’t think there was a unified display … but it made Feng feel more at ease.
After arranging the trap, maple called the shimmering city and hid in the grass next to it. The rest is waiting for the prey to appear.
"Is that tyrant bear very powerful?" Light the whole small ask maple way
"Well … it should be very powerful. Always wait until you put away your magic and run away. Don’t stare at it." Maple returned.
"Well, I know." The shimmering city nodded with a smile.
"Dong …" "Dong …" "Dong …"
After waiting for five minutes, a burst of heavy footsteps came from a distance. Feng hit 12 optical glasses and looked at it. A tyrant bear about three meters high sniffed and walked slowly here.
"Ha ha so big I this is to jump up and wipe it neck ….." Maple wry smile way.
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Chapter 53 Washball size fireballs seen?
Looking at the tyrant bear slowly walked to the front of the nectar, Feng clenched two daggers and entered the stealth.
After listening to "Gollum", the tyrant bear swallowed the whole piece of nectar into his mouth, and did not forget to lick his lips after eating, but listened to "click" for a second, and a group of purple poison gas was sprayed from his feet.
"Ga ao! !”
After an angry roar, Xiong Li, a tyrant, stepped on the ground, which seemed to express his fear, but then he felt his body soft and sat down on the ground.
As early as waiting for a long time, Feng seized this opportunity and rushed to find the place where the tyrant’s bear neck was not covered with scales, which made the wind stab.
Feeling the pain, the tyrant bear reacted very quickly and slapped the maple waist.
This slap is very powerful. Even with tough leather armor, maple has absorbed most of the impact, but it has regressed several steps to stabilize it.
After beating off the maple, the tyrant bear shook his head, turned around and stared at the human who dared to hurt it.
There is still a lot of pressure in the face of the tyrant Xiong Feng, who is three meters tall, but the blast just now really plunged into the flesh of the tyrant Xiong Feng, which means that he can do harm to it.
After staring at Feng for a while, the tyrant bear suddenly raised his paw and called to him, but in Feng’s eyes, the slap was very slow and he quickly hid in the past. It seems that the deceleration effect of the poisonous trap has worked.
After escaping the tyrant bear’s slap, Feng turned around and stabbed the corrosion dagger again and again. The tyrant bear didn’t have scales to protect the calf. Although the injury of stabbing the calf is definitely not high, it is enough to exert the effect of corrosion dagger toxin.
Then, after avoiding the tyrant bear’s claw again, Feng tried to attack the tyrant bear with a high wind, but only left a little scratch on the scales.
"This kind of tank BOSS is really troublesome …" Maple said after taking a step back that even though the tyrant bear is now in three kinds of highly toxic, Maple still can’t take it. This scale is simply hard to exaggerate.
But when Feng was struggling to figure out how to deal with this tyrant bear, he suddenly felt a burning sensation behind him. Looking back, he saw that the shimmering wooden stick had condensed into a fireball the size of a basketball and it was still getting bigger.
"You can stop it and I’ll treat you to dinner!" Maple to shimmer the whole thumb shouted.
After hearing maple’s words, the shimmering city smiled and replied, "The horse will be fine."
"Don’t worry about throwing it. This bear is too slow to hide now."
The tyrant bear is really swinging his big head and chasing the maple, but he can’t even catch a shadow.
After Feng walked the tyrant bear for a while, the twilight city finally opened its eyes and aimed at the staff, shaking its big head and scratching the tyrant bear everywhere.
Feng saw it and turned to the tyrant bear and shouted, "Have you seen a fireball the size of a stupid bear basin?"
With that, the fireball roared toward the tyrant Xiong Fei with a flash of light next to the whole wooden staff.
After a huge roar, Feng was suddenly covered by dust from the explosion. In the smoke, Feng could hear the tyrant bear howling constantly.
"Yeah, didn’t it kill directly?" Feng said after licking his tongue.
When the smoke cleared, maple finally saw the tyrant bear. At this moment, it was in a state of extreme mess. The scales in the chest were blown to pieces and left a blackened wound.
Looking at the crumbling tyrant Xiong Fengchong, he jumped up with a gust of wind and stabbed the tyrant bear in the chest. When the tyrant bear fell down, he couldn’t even do the most basic resistance. Three toxins and such great damage have made it completely unable to move.
After stabbing the tyrant bear twice in a row, the tyrant bear finally swallowed his breath and pitied him for not having a chance to use his brute force, sighing that human beings are too good at playing.
"You gain 14 points of combat experience."
"ah? Don’t give me so much, I just helped a little. "Twilight City waved and said, although he has just come out of the novice scene, he still knows that most players sell things in quint units.
"You’re welcome. Just being a mage is worth the price. It’s estimated that it’s hard to find a second mage in the whole city of Mitterrand now. Without your help, I’m sure it will take two days to do it again. Then the reward won’t be so valuable. You should take the silver. Let’s go home. I’ll see if I can help you get more benefits in the alchemist’s guild."
"That … thank you, Brother Yan." The shimmering city said with a smile.
When the two men walked back to the carriage, Randall saw them stunned and asked, "What’s the matter? Didn’t the tyrant bear show up?"
"Appeared and has been solved" Maple laughed.
"Dead … dead? It’s too fast, you two are brave! " Randall opened his mouth and said
Chapter 54 Night mask
After returning to the Alchemists’ Association in a carriage, Randall took the two of them to the front reception room and said, "I’ll call Ruskin now."
"That will trouble you" Maple nodded with a smile.
It wasn’t long before Ruskin trotted into the reception room, holding Feng’s hand and saying, "It’s really worthy of being introduced by Master Everitt. It’s really a master. This is a thank you. Please keep it."
Oh, there are unexpected gains?’ After receiving the purse handed by Ruskin, I thought that he had come to ask Yvette for a reward, but I didn’t think there was another one.
"Thank you," said Feng after putting the purse into the backpack.