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In the end, Club I defeated Long Xing by a total score of 2-0, and won the second game. If the game is won in the afternoon, Club I will enter the finals, and Long Xingtian will be out and end the fdl tour.

After the game, the members of Club I relaxed, praised everyone a few words, and then went to the website to read the battle report. Of course, his heart was the situation of the Big Dipper Palace, but this team must always keep abreast of the opponent’s situation.
When he hit the website, he was taken aback, because the Big Dipper Palace was absent from this afternoon’s competition and was disqualified for it. This is definitely a blockbuster. The general news is that Ye Qing was shocked. Did this powerful opponent just quit the championship competition?
Ye Qing has always believed that the opponent in the finals will be the super-strong team of the Big Dipper Palace, and the two teams will definitely play inextricably, but now he suddenly learns that this team has withdrawn from the competition, and his mood is somewhat complicated.
When the Big Dipper Palace withdraws from the competition, the champion will undoubtedly fall into the hands of the I club, but the third most powerful team in Long Xing lost the qualification to compete for the runner-up because it met the I club. Otherwise, the Big Dipper Palace will naturally get the runner-up because other teams are not strong enough to compete with them.
Pearl Krabs saw Ye Qing’s expression and asked curiously, "What are you looking at? Why are you so shocked? "
Ye Qing swallowed a mouthful of water and was very confused. "The Big Dipper Palace has withdrawn from the competition …"
"what! ?” Pearl Krabs was also shocked and shouted. The others immediately cast their eyes not far from Ye Qing. Nalan naturally heard Ye Qing’s words. She was very confused. "It’s impossible. That team is so strong, but it’s a strong contender for the championship and the competition has already reached this level. The horse is the finals. Will they retire at this point?"
"I don’t know that this team is so mysterious that it has such strong strength as soon as it debuted, and now it’s really unpredictable to suddenly retire, but I don’t think this team will just disappear. They should appear again. Maybe we will meet them again in other competitions," Ye Qing analyzed very rationally
"I think it won’t happen again in a short time, because if they want to participate in those top leagues, they must pass the fdl test first. This time, they have chosen to retire, so it is impossible for them to participate in other professional leagues this year. I think it may be years before they compete without us. It should be a great pressure for them to win the fdl championship," Pearl Krabs said calmly.
It’s a pity that Ye closed the webpage. "It’s a pity that I wanted to have a good fight with them in the finals. Now it’s too boring to lose suspense early. You should also play for me in the finals. It shouldn’t be difficult to win the championship. The strength of the opponents in the finals is not as good as the dragon!"
Tian Peng was very excited when he heard that he was able to play professionally as soon as he debuted, which made him feel quite lucky, but now he can still play in the finals, which is simply too lucky. If he beats his opponent in the finals and wins the championship, this sense of accomplishment is a metaphor.
"Thank you, captain. I will definitely show my team to win this championship!" Tian Peng patted his chest to ensure that Ye Qing smiled and said, "I believe you."
Just when the withdrawal of the Big Dipper Palace triggered speculation in the I club, Du Lingxiao and others just got off the plane because the team was acquired and the owner changed hands. They were so bewildered by this sudden change that they didn’t have time to play the game, so they chose to quit.
There is a Mercedes-Benz commercial car specially designed to pick up the plane at the airport, which shows that their new owner is not generally rich and has a premium of 7 million to get the Big Dipper Palace, which is actually enough to say the problem.
Du Lingxiao and others looked a little tired. After seeing the pick-up sign, they followed the man out of the airport and got into the Mercedes-Benz commercial car. At first, the seven stars were still a little uneasy and didn’t speak. When the car left the airport window, the scenery of Tianfu was constantly changing, which excited the boys who had hardly been to other places for two years.
Du Lingxiao’s face is serious and a little cold. He is still a little bitter about changing his employer, and he can’t accept it. He is used to the original boss taking care of him and doesn’t want to come to a strange place. What should he do if the new owner doesn’t pay so much attention to him? Can he accept that psychological gap?
Although Du Lingxiao is reluctant to quit the competition because the horse is about to enter the finals, their strength is in suspense and they have great hopes of winning the championship. Who knew that such a thing would happen at this time?
Du Lingxiao, the first champion in his life, lost his arm in this way. Of course, he is not reconciled, but he can’t make his own fate. To put it bluntly, professional players are businessmen who may be put on the shelf by the boss at any time, just like football players and basketball players.
The car soon arrived at the destination. The headquarters building of the Lee Group is quite magnificent. Obviously, Li Zhihao attaches great importance to this team. He even set the club training base in the middle of the group building and directly recruited a department office to redecorate it. It looks very magnificent, just like the presidential suite of a five-star hotel.
When the Big Dipper was brought into the door of the club, everyone was stunned by what was in front of them. The former Taiwanese sister was tall, young and beautiful, and the corridor was covered with a luxurious red carpet from the door to the inside, which was like walking the red carpet for the Golden Horse Award.
After several people walked in, they found that there were shelves full of food and drinks everywhere, just like a small supermarket. Obviously, these things are all prepared by team members. When they are hungry or thirsty, they can choose their own food and drinks, which are limited.
The person in charge of showing them around also told them that if they like to eat or drink anything, they can ask Taiwanese girls. At that time, the company will send people to purchase such humanized and warm conditions that all seven stars are a little excited. They didn’t expect that they would get such good treatment if they changed their owners. The boss is rich!
There are some valuable oil paintings hanging on the corridor walls, and there are even some portraits of famous competitors, such as the World of Warcraft project sky, the captain of the S ace team ale, and of course, the portrait of Jiang Yuhan, the sniper of the F world.
On the one hand, the purpose of hanging these portraits is to render a competitive atmosphere, on the other hand, it is natural to encourage these seven stars to work hard in the direction of these competitors to enter the training room. After all, Du Lingxiao and others did not seem surprised. After all, knowing that the new boss is a very rich man and wants to configure his brain, it must be quite awesome. All Dell aliens are top-notch configurations, and the sound quality of seven magic headphones is excellent.
The training room is also full of food shelves, and there are several lazy sofas with a set of high-end tea sets on the coffee table. There is also a spacious balcony in the training room with several recliners to lie in the sun, which is very comfortable.
There is even a ping-pong table on the balcony, and the players can play ping-pong to relax in their spare time. These arrangements are quite intimate and humanized, which shows that the new boss attaches great importance to them and treats them as bodhisattvas.
Then the person in charge took them to visit the lounge, which is quite large, just like a hotel bedroom, with several beds, an LCD TV with an unknown number of inches, and a game machine bo36, which can also play a live football or a large next-generation game during the break.
There is also a large wardrobe in the room, which is divided into seven parts to put clothes for the players. The weather changes and the hygiene is quite spacious. It is perfect to take a bath and have bath towels.
The seven stars in the Big Dipper Palace are simply shocked, but it can be said that they have received the best treatment from professional players. Nowadays, almost no team boss can do this, and most team professional players are not well treated.
As a result, the person in charge took them to another room. This time, they directly scared the urine. The room was quite large and filled with fitness equipment. It was simply a perfect gym.
You know, fitness equipment is quite expensive. This gym has spent at least one or two million yuan, which shows how much money the new boss of the Big Dipper Palace has invested in this team. It is estimated that the total cost has exceeded 10 million. This kind of investment is unprecedented in the professional circle, and even the boss of the ig team has not invested so much.
Chapter 94 Heart Yue Cheng
Du Lingxiao and others were blindsided at the entrance of the gym. Of course, they know the significance of this gym. The boss wants them to exercise well while playing games. This is obviously a kind of heart for them.
They have felt this warmth, and they are all very moved. They are all looking forward to meeting this mysterious new boss in their hearts. The person in charge probably guessed their thoughts and said to Du Lingxiao, "The club has been visited. Now I will take you to the president’s office. The president wants to see you!"
"Good trouble you!" Du Lingxiao is very polite and tunnel. He has been deeply impressed by the new boss’s courage. On how untimely this boss appeared, but this gesture alone has moved him. I want to work hard for the new boss.
The person in charge took the ladder with seven stars to the floor where the president runs the company. ol is young, beautiful and charming, which does not reflect the weather of big companies. If there is such a company as a backstage club, there will be no financial problems.
Du Lingxiao and others are looking around curiously and observing everything around them. At this time, they have no worries in their hearts. They like the environment here very much and intend to stay with peace of mind. At this time, the former boss is far from the present boss, except Du Lingxiao, who is still missing a little. Several others have already forgotten the former boss at this time.
When they entered the company run by the president, they had another feeling. The financial resources of big companies are really not bragging. The decoration of this company is called a beautiful atmosphere. All the materials feel very luxurious, and it is very comfortable to walk on the carpet.
Seven stars entered the office one after another. They saw a young man sitting behind a big desk. At this time, the man turned his back on them and seemed to hear the movement. The man gently moved the boss’s chair and turned around.
Du Lingxiao saw that the boss was a handsome young man with aristocratic temperament at first sight, which was exuded from his bones. Some of them could not help but get nervous, as if they had met a big shot.
Li Zhihao looked at these slightly restrained boys in front of him and showed a warm smile. "You are the Big Dipper, right?"
Du Lingxiao nodded hurriedly and then took the lead in introducing himself. "I am Tian Shu Star."
"Vernon Star!"
"Tianxuan Star!"
"shake the light star!"
"Yu Hengxing!"
Several other people also reported their id in turn. Li Zhihao smiled and nodded, and then said seriously, "My name is Li Zhihao, your new boss. Welcome to Chengdu. I hope you will have a good time here the next day. I believe you will like it here soon. If you are not satisfied with anything, I will try my best to satisfy you, and you need to train well and play a game for me."
This remark made the seven stars feel like a spring breeze. The boss was really accommodating, approachable and very considerate, and did not treat them as employees and gave them great respect.
What Du Lingxiao dislikes most is that someone is more arrogant than him. If the other party gives him respect, he will naturally not put on airs again. In fairness, this boss treats them better than the previous boss, which is simply critical.
Du Lingxiao thought for a moment and immediately expressed his loyalty. "Please rest assured the boss that we will work hard and never be lazy. In the future, the team will win the championship and create brilliance!"
"good!" Li Zhihao praised it and then looked at Du Lingxiao with a smile. "Tian Shu Star, I have seen your game. You are very talented. ak plays very well. Your former boss also told me that you are a player with great potential. You must be the top player in the professional circle in the future. Let me pay more attention to you. You are still the team captain and conductor when you come here."
Du Lingxiao was very touched when he heard this, not only because the new boss valued it, but also because the original boss entrusted himself to the new boss when he left, and told the new boss to pay attention to his kindness, which was really hard to repay.
Li Zhihao knocked on the desktop and then said, "I really appreciate your fighting ability, but your command ability is quite bad. I can see that the tactics are too single in the competition, and there is no change in your own style. Based on this, I have found a tactical master for you to guide you. I think you will make faster progress if you lose some experience!"