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"Master Ling is right. Catch the thief first. The best way to defeat these intruders in the human world is to directly find their core figure-Muto gamer." On the other side of Solu, a huge figure is bending over and shrinking in the shadow. It was just that Gauld was beaten away by the blade. "But I never thought that Daga, a traitor, would turn around and attack Muto’s game first, which made me almost send him undercover."

"There is a way to obliterate darkness in the bottom of life in the dark world, no matter how they behave in the human world, but once they return to the dark world, the dark power will definitely expand in their hearts, driven by that dark power, and even the rational guy will return to the dark monster clan." Speaking of this, Solu suddenly turned the tables. "But I just noticed that the expression of Amun is not as anxious and flustered as I thought, which proves that the duel now is not an accident caused by the violent escape of the dark power, but a ceremony of Amun."
"Ceremony?" Both Yuyi and Gold were puzzled and asked, "What ceremony is that?"
"It’s a ceremony to eliminate the dark power. Once the game of Muto wins, the dark power of Daga will take the place of his soul being stripped. By that time, Daga will be free from the bondage of the dark world and complete our enemy …" Solu withdrew his touch and put his hand on his waist card bag. "But I’m looking forward to that kind of thing happening, so I can personally say that the king of the duel is higher, and my ace card team completely knocked him down …!"
A list of DIY card tables
Muto Game [Dark Game Pharaoh Atom] (Dark Guide Card Group, Change)
The effect monster will automatically place a magic counter when this card is summoned. Each time the two sides summon this card, the magic counter will be added. When the other side launches magic, trap and monster effects, each magic counter will be removed to enable the other side to launch a card effect.
Blade [Darga, the brave king of the dark world] (Qifu Shenka Group)
Fulu hat is equipped with magic. This card can be equipped in the situation where the "Seven Fortune Gods, Fu Lushou" is equipped with a monster with 5 attack power. When the monster is destroyed by fighting, this card replaces the destruction equipment. When the card leaves, the player can draw a card from the card deck.
After the card is launched, it will be mixed with the player’s deck in a face-to-face way. When the player draws this card again, he can draw another card from the deck, but when the card is destroyed by other card effects, the card player who launches the destruction effect will skip the next round of card drawing stage.
After this card is launched, the player can exchange a cover card in the backcourt with a magic or trap card in his hand. The exchanged trap card can be launched in this round.
Bishamon cursed the trap card after this card was launched until the end of this round, and the attack power of all attacking monsters became half.
Road imp (demon clan, one star, wind attribute, attack and defense 1) effect monster This card will automatically become defensive when summoned, which means that this card is required to be played on the spot, which means that players can take out a card with the name "Seven Fortune Gods" from the cemetery during the preparation stage and put it into the card deck for washing and cutting.
The magic card of changing the guard of mixed soldiers puts the one or two-star monster back into the deck, washes and cuts it, and then sends it back to the deck from the deck. The monster has the same representation to specially summon a monster with the same level.
Call the imp (demon clan, one star, land attribute, attack 1, defense) effect monster. This card should be on the sidelines. In the preparation stage of each turn, the player can give 5 health points. One or four stars can be specially called from the deck and the monster named "Seven Fortune Gods" is placed on the scene.
Chapter 12 Friendship ends Pharaoh
"Now, I will put the seven gods Fu Lushou on the defensive and end the round!" "Stick to it again …" Ah Tao muttered something and then looked at both sides. Although the virtual life meter was stuck to it, now the blade’s health value is 39 points and his health value is 35 points, but he is a little behind the other side. If he continues to drag on, the situation is likely to turn to an unfavorable situation. To win as soon as possible, he must fight this situation first.
"My round draw card! Now that you don’t have a card, it’s impossible to revive Fu Lushou. Then I’ll take care of you once and for all! Edge the black wizard to attack the Seven Fortune Gods, Fu Lushou, Morning, Star, Black, Magic and Guide! "
"Well …!" Seeing that Fu Lushou was knocked down, the blade’s face sank slightly, but the horse regained its calm expression, while Ah Tao attacked twice in a row.
"The dark care division to attack the seven gods, the old man, the dark care girl to attack and call the imp double, magic, guide, wave, move and play! !”
"pawn!" Blade’s face reveals a sneer. "The Seven Fortune Gods Shoulao won’t destroy the card because of fighting, but the card holder will recover 1 health point every time this card goes through fighting!"
"Is there such a thing?" Seeing Blade’s health climbing from 39 to 49, Atom’s eyes widened in surprise. "This guy … did he deliberately let me attack?"
"I’m so embarrassed, Pharaoh." Blade spread his hands and his face showed a sarcastic expression. "You have to have a breakthrough consciousness in dealing with the Seven Fortune Gods. If you want to win by procrastination, you will definitely fail!"
"… I’ll stamp a card. Round’s over!" Atom gritted his teeth and ended the round. Behind him, Marek, Goth and Haima all showed disappointment, but because they couldn’t get involved in the duel, they could work hard in the back. Although Goth just said that encouraging words are the best help for Atom at the moment, now he is too nervous to think of half an encouraging word, let alone Marek and Haima.
"I draw cards in my turn" Blade chuckled and drew a card from the deck and put it on the field. "I started the magic card’ Devil’s Charity’ from my hand, lost two cards, and then drew three cards from the deck because I didn’t have any cards to lose." With that, Blade drew three cards from the deck and put one of them in his hand.
"I summon the Seven Fortune Gods and the Big Black Sky (attack 19, prevent 16) to attack!"
"Fold the card and launch a trap" Naraku falls into the hole "! Destroy your seven gods, big black sky! " Ah Taom pressed the fold button, and he just covered the trap and instantly turned up. A hole appeared in the dark, but the dark shook in the hole for a long time without falling off, but looked up and gave Ah Taom an insidious smile.
"What? It’s not destroyed! ?”
"The special effect of the Seven Fortune Gods Darkness is that it will not be destroyed by magic, traps and monster effects, and the player can draw another card every time the other party launches a card effect against this card." With a trick, Atom "explained" the Darkness effect, then drew a card from the deck of cards and put the other two cards in the field. "Isn’t it pleasant to fight with me like Pharaoh? I now launch the equipment magic’ big black fishing drum’ from my hand, equip it on the big black body and then stamp a card. The round is over. "
"I draw cards in turn!" Atomley drew a card from the deck, and he was determined to launch a big reversal this round to knock down the blade and never let one side become a loser!
Good. I need a card so that I can give the Blade Monster to …
"Fold the card and launch the perpetual trap’ treasure boat vane’!" Just as Atom was confidently preparing to attack, the blade launch threw a pot of cold water on his head. "If you want this card to play on the spot, it means that the player will pay 5 health points when the opponent issues a battle declaration against a single monster and launches the card effect, so that the opponent’s target can be transferred to other correct objects!"
"unexpectedly … unexpectedly …!" Marek lost his voice and cried, "What a way to stop an attack! Too insidious! "
"Blade … this guy is really bad again …" Hippocampus looks even uglier than usual when it suffers. "The seven fortunes card group … it seems that not ordinary people can just play World War I card group."
"Well, it’s hard to start, but you can’t just attack. Is this the power of the blade seven gods card group? It’s terrible …" With some uneasiness, Atom praised a card on the field. "I stamped a card and the round was over."
"My turn draws cards" blade draws a card from the deck and puts it on the field. "I launch perpetual magic" Seven Fortune Gods Guide "from my hand. I want this card to be forced to fight on the side of the opponent’s field every turn, and I want the famous" Seven Fortune Gods "monster in our field. This card will not be made effective or destroyed by the effect monster effect! Then … I end the round! "
"The blade chain is perfect." Goth shook his head slightly. "Up to now, I’m afraid the Pharaoh’s offensive has stopped the failure from accelerating."
Maryknai looked at Goth’s face with anxiety. "Damn it, isn’t there any way to break this chain, Mr. Goth?"
"Unless you summon a god card, you can break the chain cycle of the Seven Fortune Gods." At this point, Goth suddenly turned. "But now Pharaoh’s hand card is insufficient, and even summoning Tianlong may not change anything. It is said that the possibility of winning in this situation is."