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A loud slap fell on Kong Xiaoliu’s face.

This scene is shocking.
Kong Xiaoliu’s mood has also been pushed to a certain height, and Han Bing and others also want to help.
Liang Ping is a sideways intermediary between them and solemnly says, "Nobody moves!"
Han Bing smell speech than angry and said, "the cabinet owner and all of them bullied our door. Do we have to endure this?"
Liang Pingxin Langyun is the third heart, isn’t it? If bar owners offended him here, I’m afraid it would be more troublesome to pass later.
I just ignored Han Bing’s hand and smiled at Lang Yun. "It turned out to be the third heart. bar owners grovel and grovel!"
Lang Yunwen heard it with a cold hum, "Since it’s not a store, it’s good for your door!" Then Lang Yun took his child away.
When Liang Ping turned to look at Han Bing, Han Bing was so angry that he sat on the ground indignantly and hung his head. "You are our cabinet owner, and we all respect you, but you can’t be so weak!"
Liang Ping apologetically looked around at Xiao Liu, covering her face.
However, Kong Xiaoliu reached out with tears in her eyes to pull Han Bing, who was sitting on the ground, and choked and said, "Han Bing, we are beggars. In fact, Lang Yuner is right."
Ps has been busy recently, and the weather is hot. Oh, kneel for support!
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Chapter 439 For small champions
Looking at Kong Xiaoliu’s sad sample, everyone in the children’s clothing store is particularly heartbroken.
However, Han Bing slowly got up and gritted his teeth and said, "Don’t worry, Xiao Liu, I will definitely get back the shame you suffered today!"
See Han Bing so helpful Liang Ping suddenly became a little embarrassed.
This time, compared with a ten-year-old child, Liang Ping was embarrassed and felt a little ashamed.
Is to cough a cough to hide that "this matter has come to an end for the time being, let’s go to dinner first."
Five children smell speech have touched the belly that has been hungry for several days, and temporarily put the unpleasant thing down.
When you see the children’s clothing store, you can go to the heart restaurant for dinner, but everyone’s face is not as excited as before
Perhaps in each of them, everything has just been finished.
Silently came to the heart hotel.
Politeness in the hotel found the best private room for them.
The rooms are resplendent and fragrant.
But what makes Liang Ping dissatisfied is that there are no beautiful students here.
All male students once again reflect the status quo of Tianyu City that women are superior to men.
Is it really appropriate for Tianyu City to have a thriving yin and declining yang?
Although Liang Ping has always remembered going to the Blue Mirror Garden to study the extreme door and crossing back to this world, it is just like a white bone lie.
If the law returns to Liangping from the extreme gate in the future, it will always stay in the prosperous mainland.
Prosperous mainland is a world where he really doesn’t like women being superior to men.
The table is ready.
Liang Ping asked for the most neat dishes, a total of one course. It is naturally impossible for him to finish all one course with five ten-year-old children.
What’s more, he is in the mood to eat.
Looking at Han Bing, their five children are busy gorging. Not only is it nice to say with a smile again, "Alas! You all eat slowly. You eat too fast. I’m afraid your stomach can’t stand it. "
Han Bing smell speech stained with oil and water hand in the mouth with a blunt Liang Ping naive smile "pavilion master you are really good at talking and laughing, although we are Tianyu city people, but Tianyu city is also in the prosperous mainland, don’t pavilion master know prosperous mainland people root without disease?"
"No disease?"
Liang Ping suddenly remembered that when he first came to the prosperous mainland, he said several times that the prosperous mainland people would not get sick.
However, it is said that pear falls seriously and needs a panacea to heal. This Liang Ping’s face sank in vain.
Did love lie?
But why lie?
Liang Ping knows the situation. He is by no means a liar.
Once upon a time, love was the best spy for nine secluded places, but he never lied and couldn’t say anything. He would definitely try some perfect ways to divert others’ focus.