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"Broken Sword" The first-style sword dance cycle 14th floor (Dacheng) The second-style thousand-knife Wan Jian Huaxinghe 14th floor (Dacheng) The third-style sword plays the 14th floor (Dacheng)!

The martial arts lightness skill "Gankun YuShu" became a great achievement "Lingbo Micro Step" became a great achievement.
Kung Fu hidden weapons’s "Sunflower Nailing Needle" is a great achievement
The specific layers of the secret book "Twenty Palm of Dragon", the specific layers of "Stars Return to the Market * *" and the specific layers of "Nine Days and Ten Places Mixed Yuan Avatar"!
The 11th floor of Xiao Xiang Gong, a martial arts skill, is broken by the fact that martial arts are integrated into the maximum number of floors: the 12th floor, the 6th floor, the 9th floor and the 12th floor!
Specific layers of "longevity tactic"
Martial arts, righteousness, mixed elements, big handprints, mixed elements, vigorous gas, Sanyangtai’s shadow-chasing step, bipolar reversal, pure anode, seven turns of falling gods, Kang Long’s remorse, Yuanyang’s sword finger, probing clouds, folding plums and blood, turning wheel, epiphyllum ghosting, silver needle banned!
Equipped with nine yuan fairy sword, magic punishment knife, Xuan Huang Taoist robe, Wan Li Wolf Warriors, double arms, Mosong ancient crown, spirit capture ring, word sword box.
Looking at his property panel, Pang Xia couldn’t help spitting out a sigh of relief and feeling proud of himself.
Pang Xia has been learning a lot of martial arts.
But today, those martial arts have achieved great success except Xiao Xiang Gong.
Even "Small Phase Work" is one step away from the final twelfth floor.
And after the martial arts are accomplished, I understand the Upanishads a lot more.
However, with the increase of Pang Xia’s strength, many meanings are lost.
For example, the new understanding of pure anode, cloud detection and plum folding, blood wheel and epiphyllum ghosting are rare.
Than never make because PangXia strength now.
Even if these meanings are not made, it is easy to achieve the results when the meanings are displayed.
For those Upanishads PangXia nature is no chance to display.
Close the property panel Pang Xia looked at Hangzhou City and took a deep breath and jumped directly from Luban Wooden Bird.
Conveniently took back the Luban wooden bird into the backpack, and Pang Xia didn’t slow down directly, so the horrible physical quality fell to the ground.
There was a loud noise. Pang Xia pulled out his legs and looked at the trees knocked down by himself and smiled.
Then he jumped out of the hole and landed on the ground outside the hole.
With a whistle, Pang Xia walked in the direction of Hangzhou.
There was no sudden accident all the way, which made Pang Xia feel a little chat.
Np, the gatekeeper who came to the gate of Hangzhou City, let Pang Xia in without checking him.
You know, the np people in Hangzhou have long remembered Pang Xia’s appearance.
Is to prevent yourself from offending this young and excessive wu-tang clan master.
But these np obviously don’t know that they are masters and young masters, and now they are at the top of the Jianghu.
And even Pang Xia doesn’t know what he means to all factions in the Jianghu!
Chapter 54 Enter the game, deputy
Three or two steps back to the five-star restaurant: щw
As a result, his expression suddenly changed before Pang Xia entered it.
Because of setting up a bag booth by the gate of a five-star restaurant, it has disappeared.
Wei Zhenzhen’s personality can’t be ignored in a five-star restaurant.
Wei Zhenzhen, who can leave the shop idle, is no longer in a five-star restaurant.
Thinking about a pang Xia probably thought about Wei Zhenzhen’s possible whereabouts.
Sure enough, when Pang Xia walked into a five-star restaurant, he got the news from the restaurant owner.
As Pang Xia guessed, Wei Zhenzhen was taken away by Yu Culture himself.
Let the shopkeeper go back to work. Pang Xia is thinking about it in situ.
The former Pang Xia Institute brought Wei Zhenzhen back just because it didn’t want Yu Culture to see Wei Zhenzhen.
Then cut off Wei Zhenzhen and Yu Culture Union and change Wei Zhenzhen’s final suicide outcome with Yu Culture.
However, the inertia of the system proved to be extremely strong. Even though Pang Xia was killed halfway, Wei Zhenzhen was taken away.
But even so, Pang Xia didn’t put Wei Zhenzhen to commit suicide according to the original plot.
However, at this stage, it is not time to change the plot until the most critical period.
Thought of here, Pang Xia simply sat in his seat, eating peanuts sent by the shopkeeper and drinking wine.
Pang Xia spent five days in this leisurely day, and he didn’t walk out of the five-star restaurant until the official match.
Today is the first day of the official game, which is the first stage of the official game, Star Wars.
A total of 90 top players entered the first stage of the official competition after passing the audition and elimination.
Plus ten kinds of players such as Pang Xia, a total of 100 top players will score points and fight each other.
When it comes to integral, you have to elaborate on it in detail