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Hey, hey, this is the first time Nolon has seen my goddess form. This beautiful body with perfect curves will definitely fascinate him.

Sure enough, the first time I saw the goddess Ellie, Nolon was surprised and shouted, "Ellie, your stick and crystal ball are upside down."
Ellie was surprised and looked back at Nolon, who didn’t know how shocked she woke up to her fiancee. He pointed to the idol and pointed to Ellie. "You see that the idol is holding a stick in your right hand and a crystal ball in your left hand. Now you have it backwards."
Ellie almost wanted to throw the crystal ball in her hand at Nolon’s head, but in the end, she gritted her teeth and put it away, holding the staff with both hands to prepare for the same surprise. Sue was too lazy to lift the curse and occasionally made a mistake.
Ellie put the top of the staff gently on Sue’s forehead and injected divine power into her body to find the curse.
Curses are usually hidden in different parts of the cursed person. It needs to be carefully explored to prevent Sue from feeling pain. When Ellie put the stick on Sue’s forehead, she had already put her into a coma.
As Ellie injected more and more divine power, more and more parts were detected, and finally a dark green demon head mark was forced out by divine power at the end of Su You.
This mark actually emitted a dark green smoke as if something was going to change, but Ellie saw her right hand and a silver light flew out and hit the smoke. The smoke was dispersed in a shrill scream, and the demon head mark disappeared with it.
"Hum a weak god in two places at once also want to throw its weight around in front of my Titan high goddess Alice Philo? Dream on! "
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Chapter 41 Epee Loli Sue
Ellie dispelled the curse stick, lit Sue’s head a little, and Sue woke up in a few seconds.
The little blonde stretched herself and wiped her eyes and got up from the warm temple floor. "Well, this sleep is so comfortable. I haven’t slept so well for a long time."
Before she opened her eyes, she took a few steps forward and didn’t feel wrong until she bumped into Nolon’s arms. "Huh? Hmm! Mr. Nuo Nuo Long? " She looked puzzled and hugged her. Nolon suddenly blushed and jumped back quickly.
"Ah, I can I get up by myself? I can still jump! " Even took a few steps back, Su Cai was surprised to see herself barefoot on the ground, and then with some surprises and some disbelief, she jumped up in the same place again, only to be sure that she could really control her body as freely as before instead of being helped by others to act.
Neither Nolon nor Ellie watched and removed the curse. Although she was still a little weak, it was not a problem to stand and jump. Sue was happy and circled in the temple, but soon Sue remembered what had happened before and knelt in front of Ellie with gratitude and joy.
"God, thank you for curing my illness and restoring my health. Sue Nella Porter hereby swears to you that I am willing to be your disciple and spread your faith to the world."
Ellie looked at piety and knelt at her feet with her head down. Sue’s beautiful face showed a faint smile. She nodded to Sue and picked up the staff again. She put it on Sue’s forehead again. The faint divine light rose from Ellie’s body and the goddess Shenwei naturally appeared with the surge of divine power.
"I’m Alice Philoso Nella Porter, the Titan, the goddess of fate. Would you like to be a professional and give me your loyalty and faith?"
"I do"
With the voice falling, Sue involuntarily raised her head, and Ellie held a staff in her hand, depicting a few strokes on Sue’s forehead that belonged to the Titan god. A tattoo on Sue’s forehead was the same as mine. Finally, Ellie put away her staff and took out the crystal ball and set it in front of Sue.
When the crystal ball is activated by divine power, Sue sends out a silver light to close her eyes, and another mysterious grain appears on Sue’s forehead. This time, the depicted grain represents the god’s relatives. It is the two-thirds pattern in the grain of Nuolong God’s relatives, and the Queen Sue is the god’s relatives of Ellie lv2.
The great power gradually disappeared, and the divine light slowly dispersed in the temple. The inauguration ceremony was over. Ellie put away the crystal ball and turned back to the original girl. There was something wrong with her face. Looking at what happened to Su Nuolong’s inauguration ceremony, she hurriedly stepped forward.
"What’s the matter, Ellie? Is there something wrong with the ceremony just now?"
Ellie shook her head strangely. "It’s not a successful ceremony. Sue is now my lv2 lover and has become an lv1 warrior. Her physical quality has also improved a little, but she has some problems in choosing weapons. Although her career is really feasible, I’m still worried that she can’t master this type of weapons well."
Hearing that there was no problem with the ceremony, Nolon relaxed. God asked him to be curious and look at it. His heart was moving and his hands and feet felt his strength. Sue asked Ellie, "What special weapon did Sue choose?" Although it is difficult to control the special weapons, the lethality after proficiency is generally not small. Sue is now ten years old and still has plenty of time to train. "
Ellie looks weird and shakes her head. "It’s not this kind of weapon. It’s still full of people. It’s nothing special. It’s for Lai Su. It’s really … forget it. It’s just a gift for my second god. I’ve created a weapon suitable for Sue. See for yourself."
Ellie waved to Bobby’s food pile, and several pieces of silver-bright steel flew over. In this pile of steel, these pieces of steel are also the top part. They were wrapped in Ellie’s divine power, melted and twisted, constantly changing their shapes, and finally slowly turned into a broadsword with a width of two meters.
Light spirit epee lv1 (excellent)
Attack 23-29
Attack speed 1
+2 Agility +2 Strength
Demand Force 15 (-1)
Alice Philo, the goddess of Titan’s fate, revealed herself. The weapon made by Sue, a relative of God, was specially reduced in the condition of good quality to facilitate her use.
(This Jian Su should be picked up, right? )
Sue is a human being, and now she is ten years old and one meter tall. Her strength is about two points. After becoming an lv1 soldier, her strength has increased by two points, and with the physical bonus, she can make this special sword for Ellie.
"Sue gave you this big sword. Can you try it?" Ellie waved her hand and the freshly baked big sword was suspended in front of Sue.
The appearance of this sword is very ordinary, and it is no different from the standard big swords in other shops. But Sue looked at the sword in front of her, her eyes were shining and lovely, and she took a deep breath with her hands holding the hilt and slowly picked it up.
Sue looked at the big sword in her hand and waved it strangely. Although it was very difficult, it seemed that Sue could really make it.
But it didn’t take long for Sue to stagger the big sword and "ah" to sit down on the ground as soon as she was crushed by it. After all, she was too young to be strong enough to lift it for three or five minutes.
Sue sat on the ground a little tired and gasped, her face full of laughter. "Thank you, Lord God, for giving me strength. When I was lying in bed, I sometimes thought that it would be great if I became a strong Hercules, but I didn’t expect that I was really strong now and picked up a weapon that only a Hercules could make. Thank you so much, Lord God and Mr. Nolon."
So that’s it. No wonder Sue, a little girl with a height of 1.3 meters, chose an epee weapon that is nearly half taller than her without using a lightsaber or a dagger. It turns out that this is still her dream.
The first time I was praised by believers (Nolon is her fiance Bobby will be cute), Ellie laughed happily. Nolon touched it aside, looked at it with admiration and gratitude, looked at Alice Su and asked, "Ellie has always called you God’s adult in the temple. This is no problem, but what should Sue do outside?" You can’t just call you God as you do now, can you? If your identity is discovered by the temple, it will definitely disturb many human gods, which is very unfavorable for our plan to recruit believers! "
Sue sat on the ground and stroked her hand. Although she fell down, she never put the epee. She was also curious and asked a question. "By the way, I heard that other gods and adults don’t all live in the sacred area? How can the god’s adult appear in front of us in such a gesture? And is it true that the Lord God and Mr. Nolon are unmarried couples? I’ve heard the myth that gods love human beings, but it’s the first time I’ve seen it with my own eyes! "
Chapter 42 Living in Nolon’s house to Sue
Sue is an educated and obedient aristocratic little girl, Sonolong. When she explained to her, she didn’t interrupt and listened carefully to Nolon. It didn’t take long for Sue to get to know the situation.
"So the god’s adult is still a high-ranking god in charge of fate, although he has high-ranking power during his internship, but he needs enough believers to become a full member?"
Ellie nodded awkwardly. Sue looked down on herself, but she didn’t expect Sue to be happy to say, "That’s great. She became a believer when the gods were still down and out, and then she worked hard to develop her companions. After breaking many difficulties and obstacles, she established the first temple dedicated to the gods, and the number of believers gradually increased, and the protoss will develop better and better. This is simply a story! God’s adult, you can rest assured that I will do my best to help our protoss develop and grow! "