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I sighed for a few seconds in my heart, and my eyes moved. I saw that there was a place on the dragon’s side where two pieces of Long Lin were missing, and bright red flesh and blood were exposed. After so many years, I was still slightly bleeding.

His heart was even more surprised. How heavy was the injury? After so many years, the wound didn’t even heal. I remembered two pieces of Long Lin I had taken from the centipede, that is, Long Lin on the black dragon. Haikui felt the storage bag, so Long Lin kept it himself. It’s not bad for these two pieces. After going out, it’s important to make a treasure armor for self-defense.
Compared with others, your own life is definitely more important.
After a careful look, I found that there was a stone gate over the dragon’s back, which might be the place to go out.
Haikui flew down from the back of the dragon to the Shimen, and stood in front of the Shimen and saw a keyhole at a glance.
Compared with the glittering and translucent key, it looks the right size.
Haikui inserted the key into the hole, and a dull sound sounded, like the low sound of a wild animal and the horn played.
Shimen stood there quietly without any breath, but after it was combined with the key, it slowly showed luster, and magical lines appeared on Shimen, which is an ancient rune mark.
Shimen is dense, and it becomes illusory.
This stone gate has been opened.
Haikui didn’t hesitate, stepped into the stone gate, and his figure became illusory. He had a feeling that he had entered a strange space, which seemed to shorten the distance of the outside world, because he just walked up two steps in this space, and he felt the wooshing scene move back.
Haikui kept walking until he couldn’t open his eyes when the light of day shone in front of him, and then he stopped.
When he opened his eyes, he found himself in a dense forest, and he flew upward, trying to distinguish the direction.
Seeing someone flying in the distance, Haikui leaned in.
There is a man and a woman flying opposite. They look young, but the reality is unknown. The cultivation is higher than Haikui’s. Haikui can’t see each other’s cultivation.
"Daoyou, please ask the way!" Haikui is dozens of feet away from them, clear voice asked.
The man and the woman stopped and looked at Haikui from a distance. After looking at Haikui carefully, their expressions showed no concern.
"Daoyou, I want to ask, how can I get to Xingluomen?" Haikui asked.
The man frowned slightly and glanced at the woman.
"How many levels of clan?" The woman asked.
"level one." Haikui answered.
The man smiled contemptuously. "I don’t remember anything. It turned out to be a first-class clan."
Haikui turned a deaf ear to what they said. There is no need to haggle over every ounce with two strangers, and the other side doesn’t know the depth.
"Let’s go, the two of us have to hurry!" The woman said to the man.
Haikui frowned. "Daoyou, haven’t you told me how to get to Xingluomen?"
"I haven’t even heard of your star Rohm. How can I tell you how to get there?" The woman is unhappy.
Haikui thought so. "That would be presumptuous. Goodbye!"
Haikui turned and walked away, distancing himself from them. They were not good people, and they were not weak, so they had to be guarded.
Since entering the spiritual world, Haikui has become more and more wary of practitioners, because their killings will start at any time, and so will the celestial world.
The two men also ignored Haikui and let him go.
Haikui wandered around by himself. After a few days, he finally got out of the lush forest. A big river appeared in front of him. He stopped and thought about how to go.
Cross the river or follow the river?
After thinking for a long time, I still couldn’t decide. Finally, I picked up a stone and flattened it, writing 1 and 2 at the same time.
Let this stone help you choose which way to go.
After throwing stones, after falling, on it, Haikui decided to follow the river.
This celestial place is huge, and he doesn’t know where he is. He walked for a few days and didn’t see anyone.
On this day, Haikui was overjoyed to see a huge city, and finally met someone. He entered the city smoothly and finally found out the location of Huaxianchi. First, he found Huaxianchi, and then he could find Xingluomen.
A few days later, Haikui finally saw the mountain where the star Rohm was located from a distance.
From a distance, the mountain was quiet, but as he got closer, he found the mountain lively.
People come and go a lot.
Haikui wondered, but surely, it must be related to the Dragon Hall.
He didn’t disturb anyone and came to the entrance of the original Dragon Hall.
I saw that the valley under the entrance was full of people, and Haikui quietly squeezed into the crowd.
Looking at a circle of unfamiliar faces, Hai Kui asked a person quietly, "Excuse me, Daoyou, I just passed by here and found that there were so many people standing here. What’s the big deal?"
The man glanced at Haikui and said, "I heard that someone came out of the Dragon Palace alive, and there were quite a few people, so let’s all see who it was."
Haikui’s heart moved, and he came out alive. There were many people. How many people? Including him?
"Can you tell me something?" Haikui asked with a curious face.
The man looked at Haikui. "I see that you look unfamiliar and your cultivation is not high. Did you just fly to the celestial world?"
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