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Ye Qing didn’t seem to realize that this sentence of Big Honey was full of jealousy, but smiled and said, "In my dictionary, it’s either an enemy or a friend. Since she doesn’t want to be my enemy, then we are friends!"

"You offered to be friends with her. Where did she say she didn’t want to be your enemy?" Big honey is very dissatisfied tunnel
"In fact, one more friend is better than one more enemy, right? Besides, she and I are not enemies. We just had a few words. I don’t think it’s necessary to make it so stiff. Isn’t this game also a friendly match? Since it is a friendly match, you need friendship to play! " Ye Qing explained
"Bullshit! Is it because of friendship that the China football team plays a friendly match with the Japanese football team? " Big honey retorted that Ye Qing’s smell speech suddenly became speechless. At this time, Pearl Krabs had left his seat and came along with his own players. Big honey was not good to say anything.
Pearl Krabs went straight to Ye Qing and said to him, "We learned a lot in today’s game. See you later!" Pearl Krabs turned and left without any intention of taking Ye Qing as a friend. Ye Qing didn’t speak. He got up and said to Dami, "You’re right. Playing a friendly match doesn’t necessarily mean friendship. Look, she doesn’t seem to take me as a friend. Let’s go!"
"The somebody else not to say that see you later? It means that you will meet again, and since she wants to see you again in the near future, you still have a chance to be friends! " Big honey sour tunnel Ye Qing shook his head. "She means that she will always meet again after playing the game, not to say that she wants to see me! Forget it, there is no point in pestering this, no matter what she thinks, what we should do now is to go back to the club and continue training. After watching the sniper competition, I think we are still far from it. I can’t let myself relax! "
"Then go back!" Big honey nodded and said, then everyone got up. They walked outside the Internet cafe. Big honey went to tie the net and went straight to Cheyeqing. They were waiting for Pearl Krabs on the side of the road. They had already taken a taxi.
Chapter 2 s wins the masters championship
The China-Korea Masters Invitational Tournament ended at four o’clock in the afternoon, and the S team won the championship as expected. In the final, they encountered a strong ig team, but led by Jiang Yuhan, the S team still defeated the opponent.
In the third round, Tiger Brothers encountered the top three in the country, Liaoning Qingcheng Jing Xiao Ran and 7kg snipers, which attracted a lot of attention. Although Xiao Ran’s sniper rifle has reached its peak and is called Sniper Saint, he has never played against such a powerful sniper as 7kg, and the title of Sniper Saint is not so worthy of the name.
Although many people are praised by the sniper rifle legal person, they have always been recognized by more people because he has never played against a real master, that is to say, there is no proof! Only by defeating the already famous master can you become famous in World War I!
Xiao Ran and 7kg are both hot top snipers in the F world today. 7kg has been famous for a long time, but Xiao Ran has recently risen like a comet. Who is the better shining star? This is a question that many people are thinking about before the game.
At the half-time of the game, the two sides played evenly, leading by one point. The two snipers were also evenly matched, and 7kg did not take advantage of each other.
At half time, 7kg felt hotter and hotter, and the speed of the gun was much higher. Barely, he gradually felt tired and then slowly fell into the wind. He gradually lost in the fight against being sniped because he not only wanted 7kg to be sniped, but also commanded the team battle.
Bare, like Jiang Yuhan, is not only the soul of the team, but also the team brain, captain and commander. With the command, he will be distracted and can’t concentrate on sniper. Unlike 7kg, he is not a commander. He just needs to hit sniper according to the command intention, so he can hit the target rate steadily once he gets up.
In the end, the Tiger Brothers were defeated by Qingcheng in the half-time crash. The second map showed that the Tiger Brothers had a chance to equalize the score, but 7kg once again smothered their hopes with great power, making Qingcheng’s total score beat the Tiger Brothers 2-0 cleanly.
7kg also won in this Chifeng showdown, proving its own value. Although it is a disciple of the sniper god and also known as the sniper saint, there is still some gap compared with 7kg. Although the gap is not big, it is fatal in the game.
Although Qingcheng Jing defeated Tiger Brothers Alliance, it encountered the second ig team in the fourth round, and was defeated by ig team 2-1 after a hard struggle, and finally lost the final qualification.
South Korea’s five teams were wiped out, but they came back disappointed when they were in the mood. South Korea’s sniper Wang Jintai was more ambitious than ever. He wanted to completely defeat the sniper Jiang Yuhan in the China-South Korea Masters Invitational Tournament. Who knew that Jiang Yuhan had been abused by Jiang Yuhan, and he repeatedly lost his temper in Jiang Yuhan’s gun before he entered the final.
Ye Qing didn’t watch the afternoon game, but they wanted to be just as wonderful, and they didn’t watch it, and they knew that the final champion must be the S team. This game, the S team was still a small test, but it has proved that they are now the first team in the F world, and the era of the S dynasty has arrived.
Ye Qing trained harder after they returned to the club, and Ye Qing also integrated what he learned in today’s competition into the training. He wants to make up for his own shortcomings. He wants to grow up quickly. There are too many excellent opponents waiting for him to surpass him. First of all, he has to beat the five gun gods, and then he has to beat famous snipers such as Jiang Yuhan, Xiao Ran and 7kg. If he doesn’t beat these people, his team will not be able to win the championship.
It is reasonable to say that it should be a meteor to defeat Jiang Yuhan and other snipers, but Ye Qing thinks that it is impossible to rely on meteors because meteors have to grow to the point where they can defeat Jiang Yuhan. I don’t know how it is possible to defeat Jiang Yuhan if it takes a year, a year, a year, a month, a genius like Kim Tae-hyun is not qualified as a meteor.
Ye Qing must rely on himself. There are not many people who can help him now. If he wants to win more championships, he must make himself stronger. He must support the whole team by himself. Since his teammates can’t be strong, he can only make himself strong.
Big honey saw that he devoted himself to the training, and her worries disappeared. She still knew Ye Qing better. Once he got serious, he was very crazy and wouldn’t think about anything. He was very focused in training.
Although Pearl Krabs is very attractive, it is still insignificant compared with Ye Qing’s dream. He will not put anyone in his heart when he trains. Now he must have forgotten Pearl Krabs long ago. It would be a relief if Pearl Krabs didn’t contact him for so long.
After the afternoon training, the meteor and others left first, but Ye Qing was still wearing headphones. He felt that he was not enough when he was practicing alone. If he kept training every day, he didn’t know that it would take years to defeat the five gun gods.
In the S-match, K showed great strength, and Yuzryha shook a machine gunner so much that he could understand that the machine gunner should fight him in the game. He asked himself that there is no chance of winning against K now, and K is better than him in all aspects. It is estimated that a face-to-face encounter will be over and there is no chance.
The strength shown by the former Jing Feng once made the weak feel very shocked, but now he has reached the level of Jing Feng, which is that the strength of Jing Feng is far from that of K. He thought he was already very powerful, but he was simply weak compared with K.
Dong Laoer saw that Ye Qing was still training, and he was embarrassed to go home alone and have to practice with Ye Qing.
Big honey came out of the office, and the guys in the original training room had run away, but she saw that the training room door was still open, so she went over and found that Ye Qing and Dong Laoer were still training and walked in.
She walked behind Ye Qing and patted him on the shoulder in judo. "Why are you still practicing? It’s almost time. Let’s eat first! "
Ye Qing shook his head. "No! I must seize every minute now. There is a big gap between me and those masters. I must beat them and surpass them! I want to be the best of all the machine gunners! "
"That also want to eat!" Big honey is a little distressed. She knows that she went to see the S game today, and Ye Qing received a lot of stimulation before she accepted the challenge of the S female team. Then she went to play a so-called friendly match. Although she won the game, Ye Qing was still not satisfied. He felt that he was still far from those top-ranking machine gunners.
"Will you order takeout for me?" Ye tilted his head and didn’t go back to the tunnel. "Well, I’ll order what you want to eat!" "
"Anything will do."