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Then he paused and stared at Ye Han for a while before saying, "Han Er, it seems very strange to see your posture before. Can you tell your father where you learned it?"

After listening to Ye Hongyan, Ye Han suddenly became stupefied, and immediately remembered the fact that his former assembly hall displayed the flying tactic against the wind, so he smiled awkwardly. "It’s just some simple flying skills, father, so don’t ask more!"
Just don’t let his father ask Ye Han again. He turned around and ran at the crack of the stone tablet, and then he cast his flying tactic against the wind and disappeared into the light curtain wall!
Seeing his son like this, Ye Hong’s face suddenly appeared a bit embarrassed and muttered, "This child is getting more and more ridiculous, even his father dares to play!"
Then he shook his head and looked up at the sky. Then he turned around with a sigh and slowly rushed to the forbidden area …
Just as Ye Hong turned around, the stone tablet not far away was instantly restored to its original appearance even if it was merged, and everything around it was instantly restored to normal as if nothing had happened!
But did it really never happen? Maybe others will think so, but Ye Han doesn’t think so. After entering the light curtain of the stone tablet, everything has changed. Perhaps this change is not big, but it is enough to benefit him a lot in the future!
Maybe this is fate. Everything should have ended a hundred years ago. Destiny is always hard to guess. No one dares to think about it …
[489] 【 Mystery in Monument 】
After entering the stone tablet, Ye Han felt a disorder in his whole body, and then the picture flashed. He had already come to a mysterious and strange place and looked around. He didn’t understand that this was not a top secret. His current position was in the stone tablet.
After looking at the surrounding situation for a while, Ye Han finally set his eyes on a small stone tablet not far away. The stone tablet outside this small stone tablet is very similar, but the breath of each other is obviously very different.
Looking at the stone tablet, I couldn’t help shivering, and then my body involuntarily walked towards the stone tablet. After only one step away from the stone tablet, he felt that the stone tablet was full of an atmosphere that he was very familiar with, which was the unique vitality of Xingyuan clan.
Looking closely at this stone tablet, the stone tablet on the outside is exactly the same. Not only is the shape of the stone tablet the same, but even the inscription on the stone tablet is exactly the same. Although the stone tablet was cracked earlier, Ye Han obviously saw that there were several big characters in the crack. These big characters add up to "Xingyuan Stone Tablet"!
"What’s going on? Why do the four characters "Xingyuan Stone Tablet" appear here? Is this Xingyuan stone tablet also owned by Xingyuan clan? But it’s not right. Why didn’t I hear this secret at the beginning? " See these four words Ye Han face suddenly emerged a indecision color busy muttered to himself.
"It’s not hard to know the meaning of the Xingyuan stone tablet by its name. Since this Xingyuan stone tablet also depends on the name of Xingyuan, it must be that your Xingyuan clan has something inseparable. You need to know that it will appear here!" Just as Ye Han puzzled, a familiar sound came.
Ye Han smell speech busy turned to look at this and immediately surprised him. Ye Han was more familiar than when a white-haired old man appeared behind him and looked at the old man. He suddenly turned white with a closer look. Isn’t this white-haired old man the jade old man he once met?
"Old-timer, how did you come out again? Didn’t you say that you will never come out again? " Ye Han, an old jade man, was relieved, but suddenly he remembered that the old jade man had said that he would never see such words again when he left for the last time, but now how can this old jade man reappear?
"Ha ha you this little kids I spoke where there will be false? Don’t you understand that you came to me on your own initiative instead of me this time? " Jade old man smell speech busy smiled to say with smile
After hearing this, Ye Han suddenly felt reasonable, so he smiled awkwardly. "That’s right, but I always feel that you arranged this meeting before and after the incident?"
As soon as Ye Han said this, the jade old man burst out laughing for a long time before saying, "I didn’t expect you to be stupid, so you are half as clever as my little nephew!"
"You little nephew?" After listening to the jade elder, Ye Han couldn’t help but be stunned and then seemed to realize, "Are you … by the way, I almost forgot that you are his master in his memory? I almost didn’t remember it if you didn’t say so!"
"oh? So you didn’t forget me as a master? That’s great … "After listening to Ye Han’s words, the jade old man suddenly froze and then added," But I wonder if you still remember who your master is? "
"Master?" After listening to the words of the jade elder, Ye Han suddenly paused again, and then carefully searched Qingyun’s memory. Only then did he suddenly realize that Qingyun remembered that there was a master who had everything to do with him, but he didn’t even know who his master was.
"What? What, his master’s memory department is missing? " After much thought, he couldn’t remember Master Qingyun, so he asked.
Jade old man heard a wry smile and immediately came to the stone tablet and looked at it for a long time. Then he sighed lightly, "That’s because his master’s memory has been taken away by me. That is to say, Qingyun has forgotten who his master is hundreds of years ago!"
Smell speech Ye Han suddenly a confused but can’t help but tried to ask "oh? That elder came to me this time to return these memories to me? "
Jade old man smiled and suddenly turned around and nodded at Ye Han with a serious face and said, "When Qingyun was just an apprentice, his master died together for dealing with the Sun, Moon and Yuan demons, and his mistress treated him like his parents. His master’s death was a great blow to him!"
"You erased all the memories belonging to his master just to make him forget this painful past?" Ye Han smell speech immediately white and then tentatively asked
The jade old man nodded consciously when he heard this, and then said, "You are right. Since then, there has never been a shadow of Master in his memory. However, this cold double flute was left behind by his master’s mistress before she died, so I guided him to find it!"
Then the old man paused again and added, "You must already know the later things, so I don’t need to say anything more. I will give you the memory that I erased later, but I have one more important thing to tell you!"
Then the old man was silent again. When Ye Han saw it, he suddenly felt a little anxious and busy. "If you have something to say, you might as well say it!"
The jade old man nodded and then sighed bitterly, "You must have guessed that the so-called nine planets comic book nine planets Lingyu is from my hand. Now I want to tell you that it is with nine planets Lingyu!"
"oh? Nine planets Lingyu? Is there anything hidden in this nine planets Lingyu that even Qingyun didn’t know the secret at the beginning? " Heard the jade old man said Ye Han suddenly a confused busy asked
Hearing this, the jade elder hesitated, but his figure would turn to the stone tablet again. He hesitated for a long time near Ye Han and dared not speak to disturb him, so he quietly waited for the answer from the jade elder’s mouth!
"Actually, it’s not a secret. It’s not that Qingyun didn’t know the secret at the beginning, but that he didn’t meet the situation of knowing the secret, that is to say, it was your appearance that made the secret necessary!" After a long time, the old man turned to blunt Ye Han and said
Ye Han smell speech in the heart is even more confused. What exactly is the meaning of this jade old man’s words? What is the secret that will appear because of his own appearance, but this secret was not necessary before?
The more I think about it, the more I feel that the legal solution to Ye Han simply doesn’t want to think about it, but instead asks the jade old man, "What does this elder mean?" What, the more I listen, the more confused I feel? "
"Ha, ha, ha, it’s also very strange to say this, but I’m not here to deceive people. Everything in this world is strange and strange, or is it just the mysterious jade of nine planets?" Listen to Ye Han so ask jade old man busy laughed and said
After that, the jade elder paused again and then added, "A hundred years ago, Qingyun cultivated his master since he was a child, and he was taught by his master to cultivate the Xingyuan clan. * * The vitality of his body is the vitality of the stars, but you … you are different. It was only recently that you merged the stars into the body, so the secret is you. Can you be white when I say this?"