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Li Cheng also knew that the game was going to be desperate, so he was ready to use the "powerful God of War potion" for himself immediately after the game started. However, the "Basketball Top System" told him that "the use level of the powerful Ares potion is 30." This blocked Li Cheng’s dream of relying on the power of medicine.

Now it’s up to him and his team.
O ‘Brien also made some adjustments in this game. He made Granger take the ball more in the low post and forced the Celtics to double-team. To create more opportunities for Li Cheng, O ‘Brien knows very well that if this game is to win. All hopes are pinned on Li Cheng and Granger.
At the beginning of the playoffs, Li Cheng has already carried enough. Even more than one game, now Li Cheng’s shoulders can be said to be overwhelmed. So Granger must share more, because the pressure of this game is heavier.
Pedestrians can no longer rely on external forces, and the calculations they can make by relying on the psychological contempt of their opponents are gone. They can only rely on themselves. Stern, who helped them in the battle of Tianwangshan, made up his mind that it was impossible to help them again.
Even, Stern tried to relieve the pressure from reporters. The penalty for this game will be biased towards Celtic.
In addition, in this game, the Pacers will face the Celtics with all their strength. Can they hold on?
But you have to bite the bullet if you can’t stand it! Because of this game. Spear and shield, only one left. Perhaps the Pacers’ offensive Mao still has hope for the next game, but the Celtics’ shield only has one last chance.
The atmosphere on the court was very dignified, at the moment when the referee blew the whistle of the game. The fierce competition has already begun.
On the first attack of the Celtics, Pierce’s shot missed slightly. They have created their chances, but Pierce missed the shot. But this did not affect the Celtics’ mood at all. All their faces are unusually calm, and they are bound to win a victory in the center of Cances today.
Pacers attack, Tinsley controls the ball outside the three-point line. Li Cheng took the basketball from the baseline and began to take charge of the organization of the team.
In this game, Li Cheng changed his skills back, and he reopened the "dazzling" skills.
Li Cheng has played three games by relying on the "elusive" skills, and today the Celtics’ defense will definitely be extremely tight, but the Celtics must have made a very targeted arrangement for Li Cheng’s running, so O ‘Brien asked Li Cheng to look for opportunities more by dribbling.
O ‘Brien didn’t know whether this change was correct, but he decided to make such a change.
After five consecutive battles, Rivers had already figured out the routine of the Pacers. The only thing O ‘Brien can do now is that this is not a change.
Li Cheng was looking for a breakthrough when he was carrying the ball here, but the referee’s whistle rang on the other side.
"Grass? What’s going on? Is the referee still helping us this time? " Li Cheng wondered in his heart, but his eyes looked in the direction of the referee.
Li Cheng was doomed to be disappointed this time, because although the referee sentenced Pierce to a foul, he was definitely not partial to the Pacers.
Through the playback of the big screen, Li Cheng clearly saw. Granger tried to run to the bottom line, but he got entangled with Pierce. The two men swore all the way, and then they hugged each other near the bottom line on the right. Pierce threw Granger to the ground with a throw.
After the foul, Pierce stood up like nothing happened, waiting for the pacers to kick off, and then prepared to continue defending.
Li cheng’s black line on his forehead is the first time he has felt such a competitive atmosphere. For the victory of this game, the Celtics have already thrown caution to the wind. From Pierce’s performance, we can see some clues.
The Pacers reorganized the attack, and Pierce and Granger got entangled again.
The referee of this game looks very serious. He had foreseen that he might not have a good night. Less than a minute after the start of the game, Pierce had taught Granger with a wrestling action, and the fouls in the next game would not be small.
Outside the Sung Jae Lee three-point line, the wrist swung continuously, and after shaking out a little space, Li Cheng went straight into the inside.
Stepping into the three-point line in one step, Li Cheng suddenly nailed his body firmly in place, and then he faced Posey and Rondo’s double-team defense and jumped instantly. Posey and Rondo can only look at the ball and sigh at the jump shot with a huge angle.
Basketball obediently got into the basket, and the waves turned up by the basket aroused a burst of intense cheers from the fans at the scene.
Pacers lead opponents 2-0.
The gap between the two points was obviously not in the eyes of the Celtics. After returning, it was Pierce, and his shooting helped the Celtics equalize the score directly.
"This will definitely not be a simple game. I don’t know if the Pacers are ready to fight to the death."
"Looking at the Celtics, they must be ready to fight to the death. There is no second choice for the Celtics in this game. They must win."
"Celtic green seems to be the entanglement of life and death as long as it meets yellow!"
"The golden color of the Lakers, the khaki color of the Pacers. These two kinds of yellow seem to be the hurdles that the Celtics can’t avoid! "
"Yellow and green, life and death! This is the line of the Celtics and the Lakers, but it is also good to give this sentence to the Pacers for the time being. " (To be continued. . )
Chapter DiYiJiuJiu to no avail
"Just now, we said that if the Pacers want to win, then they must take advantage of Celtics Pierce and Garnett’s absence to open the difference as much as possible."
"Yes, just like the last game. After they opened a certain difference, in the second half, they could rely on some of their leading advantages and start to entangle with the Celtics to win the final victory. "
"But now the Pacers have only a 4-point lead, and their next game will be very difficult!"
"For the Pacers, the Celtics must play at their own pace. They are unlikely to fight hard in this game, because if they have to fight hard to fight a walker, why do they win the championship? "
"The Celtics will definitely not choose to overdraw the Big Three, but even so, the Pacers will still be very difficult. The Pacers were supported by the physical strength of overdraft Li Cheng and Granger all the way, winning the game. I really don’t know how long Li Cheng and Granger can last if the Pacers continue to advance. "
"Continue to see! After Garnett and Pierce played, the Celtics’ defense not only didn’t weaken, but strengthened. Now they have cornered the walkers. If the pacers are pulled apart at this time, they are really finished. "
The commentator made a lot of sense. They laid out all the conditions for the Pacers to win, but can the Pacers meet these conditions?
This should be the first time that the Celtics’ Big Three have gathered on the field. And the three of them got together on the court this time, but they wanted to beat the pedestrians.
Now Li Cheng feels that he can hardly make a shot, and the Celtics’ defense is too tight.
Many commentators like to say, "playoff defense." Or "playoff offensive".
But now, in Li Cheng’s view, the Celtics’ defense has completely surpassed the "playoff" level.
Although Li Cheng didn’t play in the finals, he still bit his front teeth after their 24-second offensive violation this time. In my mind, I criticized: "This is a fucking finals-level defense! It turns out that the Celtics’ defense is so strong? "
In the face of this suffocating defense, the Pacers’ attack is unsustainable. And their defense, in front of the powerful strength of the Big Three, is simply not worth a tan.
For a team like Celtic, which has the Super Big Three, their Big Three can penetrate the Pacers’ defense on their own ability. Therefore, as long as they can limit the attack of pedestrians.
But since these six games, Rivers has been thinking about how to limit the attack of the pacers in four games. But he tried his best, except for the last defensive tactic he specially designed for the Lakers, but he really didn’t think of how to better limit the Pacers’ attack. Because. That guy named Li Cheng is really difficult.
Therefore, Rivers can only let his team take out this last secret weapon.
Li Cheng shook his shoulders and suddenly reached the free throw line. After that, he faced the double team of the Celtics.
At this time, he wants to pass the ball, but he can’t see any target that can pass the ball at all. When he gritted his teeth, Li Cheng decided to come by himself. Now that Li Cheng has fallen into the encirclement of his opponent, he has only two choices now. One is to score the ball himself, and the other is to pass the ball outside the three-point line and reorganize the attack.
However, if the Pacers want to organize another attack, they are likely to violate the rules for another 24 seconds. So … Li Cheng must come by himself.
After observing the positions of the three of them, Li Cheng leaned back with a hard shoulder, pushed back Ray Allen, and then moved a step to the left. Drill into the gap between Pierce and Tony Allen. While the three of them leaked a little space, Li Cheng took off and shot without hesitation.
This time, Li Cheng didn’t choose a jump shot with a large angle, because he did it completely by sending the ball to Ray Allen’s hand to cover him. In addition, if he uses a back jump shot, he needs to spend a lot of time in the air. At this time, he must shoot as soon as possible. Therefore, his body leans slightly, and when his body rises to the highest point, he shoots directly.
The basketball bounced on the basket twice before it fell into the basket.