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As soon as the smoke rose, the other party rushed in rashly, because the other party didn’t know what was going on inside, and was afraid to ambush the other party in the meeting, so Ye Qing could take advantage of the superior forces and wait until the other party’s flank arrived. Everything has become a foregone conclusion.

Ye Qing’s idea is very good, but it still underestimates bare judgment. When he heard that the other party had lost a smoke bomb at the door of the locker room, he immediately guessed Ye Qing’s intention. His insight was quite amazing
He knew that the smoke bomb of the other side was just an empty show. The real purpose of the other side was to attack the B point. He immediately ordered the person in charge of outflanking to rush in directly. Then he and the person defending the B point played an extremely strong spirit and stared at the locker room and entered the door of the B point.
Ye Qing rushed into point B with Zhao Xiayang and Dong Laoer, while Thomas followed behind the mirror to cover the three people. When they entered point B, they were quickly scattered by the other side’s fire. In point B, there were three people defending, including bare defense, which was still quite strong.
Bare, they have already prepared fully for Ye Qing. As soon as the three of them rushed in, the bare sniper rifle rang. Zhao Xiayang was knocked down by one gun. Ye Qing and Dong Laoer were dispersed to deal with the other two machine gunners of the Tiger Brotherhood. The two machine gunners were one on the second floor of point B and one behind the bunker of the blasting point.
Thomas also flashed out quickly and took a shot. The target was bare because bare had already taken a shot. The speed of the second shot was not so fast, even the mirror was not so fast, so he dared to boldly move toward bare gun. Unfortunately, bare escaped very badly. Thomas failed to hit this shot.
He is still too anxious to be killed and become famous in World War I, but it’s a pity that bare is not so easy to kill! If you can’t kill bare, you can’t give good support to others. It’s better to go to the other gunners as soon as possible. Once one of the other gunners is killed, one of Ye Qing and Dong Laoer can free up his hand to deal with the other gunner.
Once you kill each other’s two gunners, you can retreat from point B. You can easily get a leaf-leaning marksmanship. In this attack, you play a few rounds and point out the second-floor gunner at point B. Then you make free your hand to deal with the gunner at the blasting point with Dong Laoer’s fire, but at this moment, you can flash out again, and quickly kill Dong Laoer with a shot, and then you will leave.
Thomas was one step slower, and the gunner at the blasting point was killed with a jerk of the gun. At this time, the fighting in the dressing room had already reached the end. Two gunners rushed in from the control room and joined hands to beat Pearl Krabs with little ability to fight back. The two men gradually moved closer and blocked Pearl Krabs in the bunker, and then killed Pearl Krabs with a double attack at the last two ends.
Ye Qing wanted to go after bare, but when he saw the news that Pearl Krabs was killed, he had to find a bunker to hide, and at the same time ordered Thomas to go to the B-2 level to aim at the door of the dressing room from a commanding height.
Chapter 66 No longer afraid
Tiger Brothers outflanked Zhou Wei and Mu Lei, and the two of them joined hands to completely suppress Pearl Krabs. Mu Lei’s strength should be slightly stronger than that of Pearl Krabs, and Zhou Wei is much stronger than that of Pearl Krabs. It is understandable that Pearl Krabs can’t resist it.
Point B is the defense of Fat and Monkey. It is normal that they can’t resist Ye Qing and Dong Laoer’s attack. After all, they are relatively weak in the Tiger Brotherhood. Monkey and Fat are also a little stronger than Dong Laoer, which is probably similar to Zhao Xiayang, while Ye Qing is much more powerful than them.
Barely, he was in charge, even though the fat and the monkey were a little weaker, but it was enough to resist the other side’s attack. But I didn’t expect Ye Qing to be so fierce and the sniper of the other side could kill the monkey. When he flashed out again, Ye Qing and Thomas had changed their positions. He lost the target’s order. Zhou Wei and Mu Lei rushed in to attract the other side’s firepower and created opportunities for him.
He knew that the other party didn’t dare to pack at this time because there were two people left in the other party. If one person packs, then one person has the fighting capacity. As soon as they rush in, they can kill the other person who is responsible for covering, and then kill the Anbao person.
As soon as Zhou Wei and Mu Lei rushed in, they heard a sniper shot. At that moment, they both had an illusion that the shot was bare, but Zhou Wei’s body involuntarily fell down to the right of the screen to brush out a line of death information. Thomas killed Zhou Wei!
Mu Lei came from a sniper’s background and knew exactly where the other sniper would aim. At that time, when he rushed in, he flashed to the right wisely. As a result, Thomas was able to target Zhou Wei. At that time, Mu Lei also consciously flashed one to wake Zhou Wei. This was just a conditioned reflex of being a sniper.
After Zhou Wei was killed, Mu Lei made a fire with Ye Qing, and when she flashed out again, she wanted to take the opportunity to kill Thomas, but Thomas had jumped from the second floor of point B and just landed in the bunker, so that Bare failed to target it.
Although Mu Lei is not as good as Ye Qing in marksmanship and posture, the gap is not big, and he is experienced. After all, he is an old professional player who knows how to hide himself and knows that if he wants to live longer, he knows that he must stall Ye Qing, so as to create opportunities for bare.
Ye Qing also knew that bare was watching from the side, and he didn’t dare to expose himself too much. He was so timid that he couldn’t quickly get rid of Mu Lei. Bare flashed out again and set a goal for Ye Qing, but he had to wait for an opportunity because Ye Qing was very cautious and didn’t give bare too many opportunities. Bare didn’t have an absolute grasp of the situation and wouldn’t shoot because once he missed, the other sniper would wait for an opportunity. Mu Lei would be in danger!
In this game, the sniper of the other side performed very well, much worse than bare imagined, so he didn’t dare to underestimate that he capsized in the gutter. If Thomas knew that he was so valued by bare, he would be happy.
Thomas knew that bare must have been aiming at point B. He didn’t dare to flash out rashly. He felt that if he didn’t shoot himself, bare wouldn’t dare to shoot. It was up to Mulei and Ye Qing who could win.
He didn’t know that bare didn’t want to deal with him at all, but he had been looking for opportunities to deal with Ye Qing. He had been keeping an eye on Ye Qing and Mu Lei, and at the same time, he asked Mu Lei to find opportunities to deliberately sell a flaw to attract Ye Qing to kill him.
Mu Lei deliberately slowed down his body and shot up at the same time. Most of the bombs drifted elsewhere. The roots couldn’t reach the leaves, and the leaves leaned over. No doubt, he didn’t think that this was where Mu Lei deliberately exposed the flaws. He just flashed out a few shots of Mu Lei, but suddenly accelerated the speed of his posture, followed by a sniper shot.
Ye felt remorseful at the moment when he heard the sniper’s shot. He knew that he had swiped a line of death information on the right side of the screen. Mu Lei suddenly lost a lot of pressure and rushed directly to the blasting point to find trouble with Thomas.
Before Thomas could react, Ye Qing was killed by a sniper. He couldn’t help but panic. When Ye Qing died, he fell into an isolated situation. Where could he hold the blasting point? He had to bite the bullet and flash out to get rid of Mu Lei first.
Mu Lei has rushed to a place very close to him. He had to be shot blindly if he didn’t come to the mirror. His accuracy of blind sniping is still relatively high. At one time, he practiced blind sniping at close range and long distance, but blind sniping at close range was much more accurate than that at long distance. It was too difficult at long distance.
Thomas’s blind sniper shot did hit Mu Lei, but it hit Mu Lei’s thigh. The original opponent would not die, but Mu Lei was consumed by Ye Qing. Although this shot was not fatal, Naita’s blood was not much, but he was killed.
Just as Thomas was about to return, the gun rang, and he seized the fleeting opportunity to kill Thomas and overtake the Tiger Brothers League again. The players didn’t look excited because it was inevitable. There was no need to get excited.
In the sixth round, Ye Qing couldn’t bear to guess the other side’s command thinking. It took too much energy and brain power. He even felt his head hurt, so he simply didn’t want to take everyone directly to point A.
The players didn’t know whether he was attacking at any point or what tactics he had, so they ran with him without asking. Anyway, the result was losing, and Ye Qing felt that he didn’t have to struggle, so he put his hands and feet together like a melee.
He paid too much attention to tactics, but limited himself to cooperate with tactics. He didn’t give full play to his own advantages. To know his current strength is a series with K. It is reasonable to say that among the Tiger Brotherhood, bare and Zhou Wei can compete with him, but the other three gunners can’t beat him. If he doesn’t care about teammates and tactics, his lethality will be quite terrible.
This time, he didn’t tell his teammates what to do after they entered point A. Anyway, he rushed forward to kill God, kill God and kill Buddha. Even if he was ambushed, he would kill a seven-in, seven-out. Xiao Rangen didn’t know that Ye Qing had given up fighting with him, but hit him at will. He was still arranging defensive tactics very finely
Club I people rushed in without throwing anything at Gate A, and then swarmed into the entrance stairs at Point A. They rushed in without any obstacles. When they ran down the stairs, they suddenly heard a sniper shot, and then they looked at the right side of the screen consciously, but there was no death message. Everyone could not help but breathe a sigh of relief.
Bare, very depressed to bite a lip and then smiled wryly, "Mom, I even miss my eggs! However, it is really beyond my expectation that they actually came to point A. This leaf-leaning thinking is really jumping! "
At this time, he saw the situation that the other five people rushed in the observation room, so he shot a gun and didn’t hit the other person. You know, at that time, the other five people were all on the stairs and arranged very neatly and crowded. It was even harder to miss than to hit. He felt funny.
Bare, knowing that Ye Qing was going to pack the bag immediately, he immediately transferred everyone and let the original cover him outside the observation room. Zhou Wei rushed and lost a Grenade to interfere with the other bag first.
The Tiger Brothers came soon. Zhou Wei lost a Grenade before rushing to the stairs. The rest of the people had already rushed from the stairs at Gate A, and several grenades were thrown to the screen. Suddenly, a death message came out. Zhao Xiayang was killed!
However, at that moment, the 4 packs were just installed, and Ye Qing was very serious. "Let’s die. Comrade Zhao Xiayang mourned for him. He installed 4 grenades and resisted the other party’s bombing. He persevered and carried forward the hero Qiu Shaoyun. It is worthy of our admiration and permanent memory!"
Zhao Xiayang is very idiomatic on the side. "Fuck you, it’s not really dead!"
"They are coming, and everyone is ready to fight. They must not be unpacked to the end!" Ye Qing’s tone suddenly became severe.
"To the end!" The players shouted, morale is like a rainbow!
In bare, urging people on both sides to launch an attack, Zhou Wei’s side is weak, but her marksmanship is still strong.
Pearl Krabs resisted Zhou Wei alone, while Ye Qing suppressed the fat ones with gun fire. His gun fire shot rate was quite high, but K’s housekeeping stunt, a fat man and others could not help but retreat back, which was a bit irresistible. Seeing that the situation was out of control, he couldn’t help but rush in.