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In fact, he still has a hidden attribute, which can be said to be a hidden skill. It is the "brave heart" that he achieved after completing Hell Island.

Achievement system is also a very interesting thing. If it rises well, it is like an artifact. If it rises badly, it is just a pile of rubbish.
It is stipulated that players will be rewarded for three consecutive promotions of similar achievements.
For example, the mad dog dragon body is now an exploration category. Before the achievement, it was an explorer, an adventurer and an adventurer. Now it is a brave heart. This category is very big in the vice squad. Now, the objects or keys in the field of vision where the mad dog dragon looks will be shown.
For example, if there is a silver mine 3 meters away from his center, then this silver mine will be particularly bright in his view. To put it bluntly, perspective allows you to find it through mud. Of course, if you want to go deeper, you have to upgrade your exploration achievements.
It depends on coincidence. Achievement is different from rank and equipment. It can’t be promoted if you want to.
The success of trading is high, and the business is prosperous with excellent trust; If the cutting class is high, it can slow down the physical strength loss, so it can continue to work for a long time; Refined drugs can be tons high in their own toxin resistance, such as sunny days, which dare to try poison; The refining class is also quite abnormal, and the blacksmith gladiolus greatly reduces the probability of failure in building or synthesizing; Not to mention scientific research and development, the graduation exam of Magic Victory Base is a classic example.
The overall achievement is single and complicated.
Of course, what several players admire most is that the achievements in combat categories, especially those in bloodthirsty branches, have many bonus attack effects such as crit, knowing injury and critical strike.
Mad dog dragon knows that the cold front has the achievement of "peerless assassination", which will cause a lot of bleeding and serious injuries to the enemy who has been hit again, causing tons of damage to the cold front. In the long run, the place where people are really sure is that he has achieved extremely high results.
At the moment, Mad Dog Dragon looks around and finds that this area is the original forest terrain, with mountains, water, grass and trees. There seems to be a fire in the grass in front of it, and there seems to be people shaking.
Yeah, yeah, buddy, the magic weapon of being good at peeping has been given another place to be continued.
Chapter three hundred and seventy Play rookie
There is a bonfire burning on the grass. It is obvious that someone arrived here early.
Coincidentally, it was none other than the male soldier sitting by the campfire.
This time, he wasn’t alone, and there were three big burly warriors around him. Three of them had broken in in the cold forest eating dry food around the bonfire, and another group of people were the three men and three women who slowly shook the bar booth last night.
Mad dog dragon saw clearly that the three men and three women were three warriors, two women bows and one woman warrior. The stunning beauty was actually a unified warrior.
However, I was wearing a rattan armor with a square machete around my waist. Last night, my elegant and noble image was seriously inconsistent. Even though I was wearing rattan armor, I couldn’t hide my bright breath.
"I have gold titanium stone beauty if you make friends, I’ll give you two for free." The soldier surnamed Wan winked.
Mad dog dragon looked secretly funny. It seems that this product was very unsuccessful last night.
A female archer here pulled the beautiful woman’s skirt before going. "Emma is gone!" "
As soon as this group of people turned around, a group of people named Wan Yi blocked it.
"What are you doing?" The leading male soldier here is a little angry.
"Nothing!" The soldier surnamed Wan smirked and pulled out a titanium stone the size of longan and handed it to the candy. "Beauty gives it to you for free."
Emma replied with a straight face, "I don’t want it."
She obviously knows what this soldier is up to. If he gives you away for free, he must make the trading bar. If you really trade with him, your name will be exposed and your music box will be unbearable.
The face of the soldier surnamed Wan changed. "You have to have it if you don’t want it!"
Just now, the leading male soldier quickly came out. "I have seen strong buying and selling, but I have never seen strong giving away things."
Thousands of soldiers twist a head to stare at him "force you to force a try again? Killing you is like killing a dog. "
He is also sure that this group of people is not strong, simple and too obvious. Although Emma has hidden the color of the equipment here, everyone has one or two shop goods, such as leg protectors, gloves and so on
How strong can a player who wears shop goods be?
The leading soldier was so angry that he drew a dagger as soon as he "swish". "Try it, and I’ll be afraid of you?"