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After knowing that this is worth 5 gold, Feng feels that the Jackal tribe is not so easy to get. If it is superficial, the words of the Jackal guards and Jackal patrols are definitely not worth the price, but after seeing the overview, Feng confirms this, but there is no rule about when it will be finished.

After leaving the Silver Sword Business Group, Feng found the location of the Alchemists Association according to the map with a glimmer of light, and finally found it in the most prosperous section of the business district.
"It seems that it is a rich organization ….." Maple looked at the first four buildings and said with emotion.
Chapter 52 The technique is too rough
I told the guard at the door that I was recommended by master Yvette Ritter. Soon after the guard went in to report, a man came out and greeted Feng and them. "Hello, I’m Ruskin, the explorer of the Alchemists Association. You are very welcome to come in and talk."
"Good thank you" Feng nodded and followed Ruskin into the alchemist association.
The decoration of the alchemist association department is not very magnificent, but gives people a very fresh feeling. All kinds of flowers and plants can be seen everywhere to decorate the whole house beautifully
After they followed Ruskin to a small room, Ruskin made two cups of coffee for them and sat down and said, "I hope you can help us get rid of the tyrant bear as soon as possible. There are quite a lot of materials we need in the sunset forest, but we don’t want to see any more casualties."
"Of course, but we also need a little help from your association." Feng nods.
"If you need any help, just say so," Ruskin said after taking a sip of coffee.
"First of all, we need to know where the members of your association were attacked," Feng said.
"No problem, I can arrange someone to take you." Ruskin nodded.
"Second, I need viper blood. I wonder if your association has it?"
It’s Feng’s personal request to ask for viper blood. He also has a gift from Betty, that is, to collect viper blood. Of course, we did it together.
After hearing Feng’s request, Ruskin took a sip of coffee and said, "viper blood is rare, but if you can get rid of that tyrant bear, I can sell it to you cheaper, but not too much."
Yo ….. Ruskin is smart, too. As soon as he asked Bai Feng for this viper’s blood, he didn’t come to deal with the tyrant Xiong Suo until he said that he had to solve the tyrant Xiong before giving it to him.
"Well, thank you for your generosity. I didn’t ask for it. Please arrange someone to take us to the scene." Feng nodded.
"Well, you wait a little," Ruskin said and walked out of the room.
After Ruskin left, Feng looked at the shimmering city and said, "I will say that one or two requirements are not very good when you are finished."
"I didn’t" shimmering city smiled and shook his head.
A short time later Ruskin came back with a man in armor and said to Feng, "He is in charge of investigating the scene of the accident, Randall. Just follow him to the sunset forest."
"Hello," Feng said to Randall, holding out his hand.
"It’s an honor to meet you," Randall answered, shaking maple’s hand.
"Then let’s start now," said Feng after withdrawing his hand.
"The good carriage is ready, please come with me." Randall made a gesture of invitation to Feng.
After coming to the door of the alchemist’s association, Feng took a carriage and naturally took out silver coins to practice. After the first show of stealing skills, he decided to practice his skills a little higher.
The sunset forest is not far from Mitte City, and the carriage will soon send Feng and his party to the place.
Randall said to Feng after the car, "Please follow me."
After nodded maple two people with Randall.
"It’s so beautiful here …" The shimmering city shouted happily.
At this time, it is dusk and the sunset shines in the forest. All the leaves seem to be glowing red. It is really beautiful, but the shimmering city seems to like the scenery very much, as if it has never been seen before.
After walking with Randall for about five minutes, the three men came to a big tree and Randall said to Feng, "This is it. The scene was very tragic, but it has been cleaned up now."
"Thank you, I’ll handle it," said Feng.
"Then I’ll go first. You should be careful." Randall nodded at Feng and left. He didn’t really want to stay where there would be wild animals.
"Well, let’s pick some nectar first." Maple looked at the shimmering city and said.
"Good" Twilight City smiled and nodded, and then walked towards the flower pile, while Maple also walked to another flower pile, looking at the previous pile of nameless pink flowers, Maple crouched down to reach into the stamen to collect nectar.
"mining failure"
After a few times of digging, the maple system rang. Listening to the maple, it seems that this flower-picking honey is also a technical activity. It seems that I have to learn the art of picking myself quickly, but some famous teachers don’t teach me quickly, and there are too many waves.
After picking a few more flowers, Feng finally succeeded once, but it was not enough to use a little as bait.
"Twilight, how many copies did you get there?" Maple shouted back.
"Is three enough?" The shimmering city replied
"So soon? It is enough to take two more copies, "maple shouted.
"Am I so crude …?" Maple looked at his hands depressed way
In a short time, the twilight city was full of five nectars and gave it to maple, but maple still picked one.
Feng patted him on the shoulder and said, "It seems that you are really an alchemist."
"Thank you, Brother Yan, for your compliment." The shimmering city smiles to say
After synthesizing six nectars into one, Feng mixed in the sunflower poison, then Feng put this special "big meal" on the tree and finally took out a poisonous trap and installed it on the nectar side.