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PS over-the-sky battle

The body of the Chapter seventy-four Bewitched agitation
Although there are still many unfamiliar places for Chufei in the stone wilderness, Chufei is still very clear about the route from entering here to the direct passage. Sure enough, he did not expect that there were many monsters in the stone wilderness. Presumably, the team sent by Akara had contributed a lot.
Chu Fei’s purpose is to kill the wooden fist of the tree head. First of all, he made meritorious service to delay the monster in the dark forest for two and a half days. Although the credit is not small, it is not eye-catching enough. If you add the wooden fist of the tree head, it will be perfect. And being scared away by this monster has always made the angry man in Fei’s heart how can you endure this cowardly? Moreover, he is eager to get better equipment to use the wooden fist with the tree head. At this time, the explosion rate of this monster is very high. If he kills it, he should be able to explode less bright gold equipment.
While YY, Chufei climbed the stone monster’s head directly facing the distance and looked at it, but he was taken aback. Far away, he saw a group of monsters running around in a mess. Among them, Chufei looked around a place and found that it was an assassin who led the wooden fist of the tree head. Chufei remembered that this assassin met one of a group of elites in Akara tent, but even if they wanted to encircle the wooden fist of the tree head, it wouldn’t be so dangerous. It was simply death!
Just when ChuFei was puzzled, a wolf with a considerable head in GREAT GHOST suddenly came running from the side. After all, the wooden fist at the head of the tree was a monster, and the body speed was also very fast. Except for a few elite younger brothers, there were not many monsters around it. A mage sat closely with the ghost wolf. Seeing the owner’s red hair, the mage held up the stave and raised the fire wall at the back for two meters. This ghost wolf quickly cooperated with the wooden fist at the head of the tree to successfully separate those monsters from the wooden fist at the two sides.
Not the kui is a Rogge camp elite is about to enter the master of Lu Gaoyin, and this skill should be ChuFei looking at a wonderful tactical cooperation with Pei Yu, and I can’t help but worry. If you continue to go to the tree-headed wooden fist, maybe it’s really solved by these guys.
The dark forest monster may have been fed up with the crowded suffering in the underground passage, and once it poured into the stone wilderness, it immediately dispersed. It is precisely because of this that the BOSS have not launched a gathering call and immediately took the offensive. However, they still underestimated the power of the wooden fist of the tree head. Perhaps Chufei attacked them too hard in the underground passage, and there were many small elites around them. Once these small elites were provoked to join the fray, they were really dangerous.
"Chu Fei, it seems that the dark forest monster has rushed out. It seems that someone is fighting in front!" Just when ChuFei was thinking about countermeasures, Taize sound suddenly came behind him. At that time, I saw that God had forgotten Taize. They had been following ChuFei slightly one leng and suddenly came up with an idea.
"Listen, everyone, 500 meters to the left, the three elite teams in Rogge camp are attacking the monster leader, but now it seems that they are struggling, but why do they have to work so hard? Naturally, it is the title of hero and reward. Now the battle will be written into history, and once the beheading operation is successful, the reward in Rogge camp is also very rich. At the very least, I know that there is a minimum reward condition of 10% discount for Rogge camp vendors, and there are many other equipment and skills." Chufei greeted everyone
"Kill the dark forest monster leader hero! That’s great. That’s great. Can you go down in history? " There is nothing more intoxicating to a young druid than this title.
"A 10% discount can really save a lot of gold coins. It can be saved in one month … and saved in one year …" Even women who change jobs have a deep plot for discounts.
Chu Fei was also the elite who left the tent in Akara alone at the beginning, and it was not what they knew. Everyone believed in Chu Fei’s words and was really stimulated!
"First of all, now they don’t stay up. Let’s support a team that not only helps their companions, but everyone can be a hero. If we look on coldly here, it must be an eternal disgrace! Second, those small BOSSes have been weakened a lot. This is a small boss in the dark forest. Think about it. At this time, the probability of exploding a good thing is simply 100%. If you get one, it is equivalent to working hard for many years! " Chufei’s generosity and inspiring acting skills are not perfect, but they are real benefits, and these benefits are also covered up by a good reputation, so these job-changers are not jealous.
"It’s better to send charcoal in the snow than to add flowers in the brocade. Come with me quickly if you understand this truth!" Chufei looked at it. Almost everyone except Taize got excited and lit a fire. He took out a dozen small reply potions from the box. He really took out all his savings!
"It’s absolutely not dangerous to get a bottle with me!" Chufei threw this dozen small-sized recovery potions to the ground and rushed over first. At this time, he directly released the speed and provoked two groups of mobs along the way. Before approaching the front shift squad, he shouted, "Look at the ground in Rogge Camp, brothers are coming to help you!"
Just finished separating the wooden fist on the tree head from other small elites. The elite transfer squad almost vomited blood. Just after the isolation here, why did you lead a group of monsters to rush over again? But before they could curse, there was another high-spirited cry and a small group of job-changers rushed over. Hey, what’s going on? When I didn’t think about it, the situation on the spot immediately became chaotic, even if they wanted to control it again.
It may be possible to isolate other monsters and unite to surround and kill them, but now they are able to face this complicated and chaotic situation in their hearts, even if they are tacit elites, they can handle things according to their original ideas.
Chufei was secretly happy and almost wanted to roll on the ground. This high-level secret monster looks good in IQ. After seeing Chufei, he immediately chased Chufei here. He still had some headaches, such as drawing out the wooden fist of the tree head. He didn’t expect that the wooden fist of the tree head was very bitter and ran towards him without saying anything. How lucky he was! It seems that at the beginning, the underground passage not only suppressed the fire itself, but the gorilla also suppressed it badly!
PS: If one group is full, let’s add two groups.
The body of the Chapter seventy-five Burst tree head wooden fist
The total BOSS secret gold level of the dark forest with wooden fist on the tree head has two attributes: extremely fast and extremely strong. The melee has special attack methods such as heavy blow and dizziness, and the attack times are +25%. This attribute is already very scary for Chu Fei. Now anyone except Bones 1 can bear this guy’s attack. Don’t forget that this guy can cause temporary methods to restore life or stun himself. It’s really necessary to be careful to deal with it. However, it has vitality when it cools for 45 seconds.
Chufei first moves the fastest and walks with the wooden fist on the tree head. This guy is even more gorillas than gorillas, but because he has the skill of being particularly fast, his speed is even faster than the flying blood eagle in the wilderness. Chufei barely leads the wooden fist on the tree head after finishing the exhibition. This maximum speed running method consumes endurance quickly, and Chufei has to take out a bottle of physical medicine to drink.
Fortunately, there was a more suitable place in front. Chufei turned around and fired the bone tooth. Just now, he was chased too hard by this beast. He was afraid that he would be chased as soon as he turned around. This time, Chufei stopped, first pushed the stone demon, and then a bone tooth summons successfully played a frost attack effect. Then the meat shield clay stone demon was gloriously and heroically greeted and delayed the footsteps of the tree head wooden fist.
ChuFei catch my breath and immediately command the first exhibition of Bones to attack Bones No.2 to No.4, and immediately surround four gorillas. It’s only here that I can see that this guy is a fierce beast, and a group of dark gold monsters are naturally powerful, and three small BOSS beasts around him actually have a special property of +75% damage. It’s really depressing to see his melee skeleton being smashed with a broken rib from time to time. ChuFei feels quite uncomfortable.
One hundred and fifty mana instantly consumed clean white light filled the attachment, which was originally smashed by the wooden fist of the tree head and its three younger brothers, and there was less than a quarter of life left. Suddenly, it was replenished, and the smashed skeleton and the flying clay also grew back. This dynamic effect was really shocking. Chufei was a little proud.
But before he could laugh, the wooden fist on the tree head made an amazing move. This guy’s hand shone with a circle of dark yellow light, and the skeleton was smashed into pieces. Because Chu Fei has been paying attention to Xiao Gu No.2 recently to tell whether No.3 or No.4 was smashed, but now there is no time to think about it. Chu Fei turned and ran away, smashed the skeleton with the wooden fist on the tree head, and ran towards himself. Isn’t this a thief catching the king first?
Chu Feilai has more confidence in his aura, tactics and vitality. He did not hesitate to leave a wooden fist with a tree head and came to this strange place, but now he is going to escape. The necromancer’s confidence is to summon less things to find a place with a corpse and fight it to the death, otherwise the skeleton will be broken and let him cry!
Chufei does not hesitate to control the golem to drag the wooden fist to death. At present, he has no idea about the variation of clay golem. He has no idea about the variation of clay golem. Clay golem can summon at any time, but the skeleton needs the corpse. Clay golem righteously turns around and flies straight for the wooden fist. With Chufei’s aura, it barely supports for a while, and then it is smashed on the spot by four beasts, but it can be summoned again without us.
Chufei summoned clay monsters again and again, and at the same time strengthened the care for the skeletons for forty-five seconds, and exerted his vitality again. Chufei finally came to a monster, and the bodies were all over the place. It would be great if he had the skill of body explosion, and he could directly explode and kill this guy! In this sea of corpses and blood, Chu Fei settled down a lot, and immediately summoned the skeleton again, and then let the two skeletons together with the stone demon top go to Xiaogu No.2 to play soy sauce on one side. Xiaogu No.1 will attack the vitality every 45 seconds, and once Xiaogu No.3 or No.4 is broken, it will immediately summon a new top.
However, Chu Fei also found that the skill of wooden fist on the tree head just now seems to consume magic. After smashing the skeleton for three times, this guy can carry out ordinary attacks. In the face of Chu Fei’s vitality skills, it is really amazing to find that there are more monsters in this world than in the game, but the trick is very powerful, but it is also limited. It would be terrible if there is no limit until the death of the game!
Chufei keeps firing bones and teeth. It’s depressing to see that bones and teeth can attach frost attack, but the damage is low and scary. The base of low-level skills is too low. Even if you have drunk boxing and double damage, you can’t do any damage to monsters, especially this guy with high blood and high defense. It seems that it is imperative to make a white one.
This time, the credit should be enough for me to choose the 16th rune, but I don’t know whether I can get a good bottom material from Akara. It is best to add skeleton resuscitation and corpse explosion to have the skill of bone spear, and then I can be regarded as a real mobile battery.
After the three younger brothers were killed one after another, the violent wooden fist broke out again. With the khaki light, it smashed the No.3 and No.4 Bones, and then smashed the No.1 Bones for several meters with one punch. Finally, it was smashed by the clay stone magic punch and the No.1 Bones flying axe, and the last point of defense exploded.
ChuFei quickly cast a vigor. Just now, I was really scared by the beast of tree head and wooden fist. Bones II, this guy, has been showing a state of mutation recently, but he can’t mutate. ChuFei, however, was so cruel that Bones II almost fell apart just now. Little dream is still banging! Exerted vitality and brought back to life. Bones II is still the same. You, this guy, at least have a feeling of life and death. You don’t even fart!
Don’t worry, ChuFei couldn’t help complaining that he gave a kick to Little Bone No.2 by the way, and then a vicious dog quickly threw a few pieces of equipment and gold coins into the box. People came from afar, but ChuFei was so frightened that a small wooden fist actually broke out. This is the first time I’ve seen a secret gold equipment since I came here for half a year!
The body of the Chapter seventy-six Dark gold necklace
nokozan relic
Required level: 1
+2% attack again quickly.
Fire resistance +5%
+1% fire resistance limit
+3-6 Fire damage
+3 Illumination range
Dark gold equipment and a relatively rare necklace. Chufei feels very satisfied. He has worked hard these days and finally got a satisfactory return. Look at this property: fire resistance +5%+1% fire resistance. This equipment can make Chufei afraid of flame strengthening monsters.
Behind the dark forest is the black wasteland. There stands the Forgetting Tower in the black wasteland. But inside the Forgetting Tower is the monster countess’s territory. The countess has the talent attribute of flame strengthening, which can make the fire wall attack magic in this range. If there is no certain flame resistance, she will die. After obtaining this Noko blue relic, Chu Fei can try to gather together some other fire-resistant equipment to kill the countess.
You know, the countess is the best rune BOSS, but because of this guy’s fire wall power, many job seekers try their best to gather fire-resistant equipment and then team up to kill her. This guy also looks down on the more job seekers, the less things this guy explodes, and the lower the rune is. Only by going above and beyond can better runes appear.
When he came to Chufei, he planned to finish Akara and then set out to look for the countess. But at that time, he didn’t have any confidence. After all, even if he changed jobs, he had a narrow escape. What’s more, his summoning thing would not appear until the 24 th grade. This skill was easy for the skeleton to die in front of various spells. Even if he had vitality, it would be difficult for him to appear the phenomenon that the attack power was far beyond the defense power, thus instantly clearing the skeleton’s life.
For example, just now, a few strokes of Tree Head Wooden Fist, although tough, are close-range attacks after all. Even so, it can destroy Countess No.3 and No.4, but it can set fire to the wall far away. Maybe people haven’t rushed over and their lives have been burned.